SHAKEN barman served two ghosts in he's haunted pub

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Spirits served in bar :ghost: ... -spub.html

Haunted ... Ray Shepherd-Smith and the yacht club

A SHAKEN barman last night claimed he served TWO GHOSTS in his haunted pub.

Stunned Ray Shepherd-Smith, 52, poured the two elderly 'phantoms' a round of drinks - but says the stingy spirits then vanished without paying.

And when the CCTV was checked it shows NO ONE came in or out of the empty boozer at the time Ray said he was serving them last Thursday.

Ray, who works in the Royal Findhorn Yacht Club's bar in Moray, said: "They said they were life members. I had never seen them before. The smaller man asked for a rum and the other wanted a whisky with ice in it.

"I rang up their drinks but when I went to check where they were, the rest of the place was in darkness.

"I even went upstairs to check in the street but there was nobody there. It was very surreal and all very odd."

Club commodore Martin Slack - who later checked the CCTV - said: "You can see Ray looking for these guys and he is clearly agitated."

The club's founder James Chadwick is believed to haunt the building.

Several people have claimed to have seen the pipe-smoking ghost while others believe they have smelled pipe smoke with no-one around.

Ray, who lives in a flat above the club with his wife Claire, added: "Martin reckons the only life members I haven't met are all dead - well I've met two of them as well now.

"The worst thing is that they left without paying." ... -spub.html :ghost:

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