Shit Harper Did....

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For my Canadian DTV brothers and sisters.

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I'm going to post some of these quotes and info because we in Canada are being deliberately Lied to and The Media is aiding and abetting a Criminal regime in power that is Selling The Land right out from under our feet to Globalists and Corporations.

Stephen Harper turned our international reputation from 'Peacekeeper' to 'Torture-Giver'.

'We detained, and handed over for severe torture, a lot of innocent people.' in 2009 Canadian Diplomat Richard Colvin shocked the nation with these words. In Afghanistan, Canada captured 6x more prisoners than the British and 20x as many as the Dutch. Colvin explained that 'Many were just local people: farmers; truck drivers; tailors, peasants...the likelihood is that all the Afghans we handed over were tortured.'

If you challenged Stephen Harper to a footrace, he would bring a jetpack

In Spring 2011, a federal court found that Harper's Conservatives broke election spending laws during the campaign which originally brought them to power in 2006. 4 Conservatives (including 2 Senators) currently face charges and possibly jail time.

Stephen Harper doesn't want your bad vibes harshing his mellow.

In 2008, Linda Keen President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission reported that the aging Chalk River nuclear facility was at a risk 1000 times greater than the international average. Harper quickly fired her.

Stephen Harper wants to buy 65 stealth fighter jets with 29 billion of our dollars.

(As if it will be for only that much,bull-crap!!!!!!!!!)

Stephen Harper wants you to loosen up and try these chemicals.

Stephen Harper weakened regulations so that more pesticide residue could be left on your fruits and vegetables.

Stephen Harper believes the filthy rich have had it too hard for too long.

Harper's economic 'recovery' favoured the extremely wealthy. Over 321,000 Canadians lost their jobs in 2008 and Canadians' average wages fell. Meanwhile Canada's 100 wealthiest persons became richer, reaching an average net worth of $1.7 billion each, up almost 5 per cent from 2008.

Stephen Harper thinks that what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. Unless it kills you.

In 2008, Luc Pomerleau, a biologist at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, discovered secret government plans to weaken regulations & allow corporate food producers to conduct their own safety inspections. Pomerleau leaked the news and was immediately fired. Then the listeriosis meat outbreak killed 17 Canadians.

Stephen Harper wants to prevent scientists from saying things he will make them regret.

In 2009, Harper appointed a Minister of Science who refused to say whether he believed in evolution. Harper then cut science research funding by $138 Million (while the US invested $2.75 Billion). Since 2007 Harper has forced scientists at Environment Canada to get permission to do interviews, often screening their answers. As a result media coverage of climate change science was reduced by 80%.

Stephen Harper loves handcuffs, but not, you know, the sexy kind..

At the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto, Harper spent $1.9 million building a fake lake and nearly $1 Billion on security for the 3 day event. 1,105 arrests were made - the largest mass arrest in Canadian history. Only 99 criminal charges were laid. So everyone else was arrested, you know, just 'cuz.

Sometimes, when your friends are convicted of fraud, they deserve a 2nd chance. Harper's deserve 6.

One of Harper's top aides, Bruce Carson, had been convicted of 5 counts of fraud. Most recently he was lobbying the government to buy water filtration systems for First Nations communities. He wanted the government to buy the systems from a company where his 22 year old wife was working.

Stephen Harper is a cold hearted jerk and a horrible detective.

In 2010, Harper eliminated funding for Sisters in Spirit. An internationally praised organization leading investigations into 600 cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

Stephen Harper thinks women talk too much.

Since 2006, Harper has cut funding for women’s advocacy by 43 per cent, shut 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices in Canada and eliminated funding of legal voices for women and minority groups, including the National Association of Women and the Law and the Courts Challenges Program.

If Stephen Harper was your roomate and you bought some mayonnaise, he would put a sticker on it that said 'Harper's Mayonnaise'

Harper likes being in power so much, he renamed 'The Government of Canada' to 'The Harper Government'. Creepy right?

What some see as egomaniacal, Harper sees as a perfectly normal hallway filled with photos of Stephen Harper.

Harper decorated the government lobby in parliament with photos of just himself, instead of the traditional portraits of former Prime Ministers.

Stephen Harper has a recurring dream where he is breastfeeding the CEO of a Big Oil Corporation.

In 2007, Harper cut $1.2 Billion in spending for the establishment of quality national childcare. However, he never kept his promise to cut the $1.4 billion in tax breaks he gives to oil companies (the wealthiest corporations in history).

Canada has a Tyrant and his name is Stephen Harper!

Did i Mention The Yearly Aryan Nation Marches That Take Place in Stephen Harper"s Hometown of Calgary Alberta Canada?Did you know The Calgary Police Arrange Transportation and Protection FOR THE NAZIS while they are protesting the unfair treatment of Nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!! :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:

The Election is a Fraud!!!!!!!!!!!
All The Parties are Fronts for The Globalists and Corporations and Ultimately The Coming New World Order!!!!

They just throw out Ballots until they get the ones "they want" and announce the person that was picked to win by the Elite!!
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Well, look at the other options. Nil, then less some. Layton's the best man, wrong party. Iggy is a stiff with the charisma of a lump of shit, and then there's Duceppe. A walking, talking French Canadian moron who doesn't know the difference between a loonie and poutine. I absolutely hate that asshole, and I'm French Canadian. Harper, Conservatives with a majority and aboot fookin time

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It never ceases to amaze me how so many forget the past so fast. When will people smarten up and realize it does not matter who is in office we always get screwed in the end.

Paul Martin

The sponsorship scandal, "AdScam", "Sponsorship" or Sponsorgate, is a scandal that came as a result of a Canadian federal government "sponsorship program" in the province of Quebec and involving the Liberal Party of Canada, which was in power from 1993 to 2006. The program was originally established as an effort to raise awareness of the Government of Canada's contributions to Quebec industries and other activities in order to counter the actions of the Parti Québécois government of the province that worked to promote Quebec independence.
The program ran from 1996 until 2004, when broad corruption was discovered in its operations and the program was discontinued. Illicit and even illegal activities within the administration of the program were revealed, involving misuse and misdirection of public funds intended for government advertising in Quebec. Such misdirections included sponsorship money awarded to ad firms in return for little or no work, which firms maintained Liberal organizers or fundraisers on their payrolls or donated back part of the money to the Liberal Party. The resulting investigations and scandal affected the Liberal Party of Canada and the then-government of Prime Minister Paul Martin
Although his popularity and that of the Liberal Party were seemingly unchallenged for three consecutive federal elections, he became subject to various political controversies in the later years of his premiership. He was accused of inappropriate behaviour in the Sponsorship Scandal, although he has consistently denied any wrongdoing. He also became embroiled in a protracted inner-party struggle against long-time political rival Paul Martin. He resigned as prime minister in December 2003, and left public life.

Kim Campbell (amazing how her scandal was only an ad.. nothing to do with fraud or embezlement)

The Conservatives' support tailed off rapidly as the campaign progressed. By October, it was obvious that Campbell and the Tories would not be re-elected. All polls showed the Liberals were on their way to at least a minority government, and would probably win a majority without dramatic measures. However, Campbell was still personally more popular than Chrétien. Knowing this, the Conservative campaign team put together a series of ads attacking the Liberal leader. The second ad appeared to mock Chrétien's Bell's Palsy facial paralysis, and generated a severe backlash from all sides. Even some Tory candidates called for the ad to be pulled from broadcasts. Campbell claims to have not been directly responsible for the ad, and to have ordered it off the air[9] over her staff's objections. However, she did not apologize, and thus lost a chance to contain the fallout from the ad.

Brian Mulroney

Widespread public resentment of the Goods and Services Tax, an economic slump, the dilapidation of his political coalition, and his lack of results regarding the Quebec situation caused Mulroney's popularity to decline considerably during his second term. In his final days in office, Mulroney made several decisions that hampered the Tory campaign later that year. He took a lavish international "farewell" tour[33] mostly at taxpayers' expense, without transacting any official business. In 1997, Mulroney settled a libel lawsuit he had brought against the Government of Canada two years previously. Mulroney received an apology and a $2.1 million reimbursement for legal and public relations costs. At issue were allegations that Mulroney had accepted bribes in the "Airbus affair" concerning government contracts. The government said the charges could not be substantiated. The principal Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigator on the case retired a year later. The government later dropped the investigation entirely.But a key fact was unknown in 1997, and had not been elicited under sworn testimony in which Mulroney had denied business dealings or significant meetings with a business associate: Mulroney later confirmed that he had personally accepted cash payments from his business associate Karlheinz Schreiber, a German-Canadian businessman who had been a paid broker for Airbus and other companies. The cash changed hands in three secret meetings in hotels in Montreal and New York City, in brown paper bags of $1000 bills totaling either $225,000 (according to Mulroney) or $300,000 (according to Schrieber).

All courtesy of wikipedia.. and just for fun:

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Conservatism = Pox on humanity

Seems true no matter where you go in the world. Criminals use Conservatism as a delivery system for fear, xenophobia and bigotry.
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Restoring Sanity and or Keeping Fear Alive! :wink:


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wikid post my man. Thanks a tonne. :pray:

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Yes excellent post unitb166er. The traitor Harper has to go. Also see my post titled "We have a traitor in our midst - Harper"

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Thank you Illuminated,Indigoemissionary!

And Thank you Mikemac i will be posting on your blog!

Here is some other Harper Scandal Stuff and i will post more i find on Mikemacs Blog.

Which is here:

Source for this info;

Top 10 Conservative Party scandals

All governments have their controversies. Remember the Liberal’s infamous “sponsorship scandal?” The Mulroney-Schreiber “Airbus scandal?”

For a government that came in promising to clean up corruption, the current Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, have sure had their share of controversies. Here are 10 of the Harper Government's biggest missteps so far. (It should be noted that it was harder than we originally anticipated to keep the list to just 10.)


1) Who: The Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office that directly serves Mr. Harper.
What: Replaced the words ''Government of Canada'' with ''Harper Government'' in an attempt to re-brand. Directive was sent to a variety of public servants with regards to all federal communication.
Result: Liberals have their panties in a knot and the rest of Canada thinks Harper is one step closer to declaring a dictatorship.
Lessons learned: If it's not broke, don't fix it. Leave the re-branding to ad agencies. (credit: Canadian Press)


2) Who: Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence.
What: Canada transferred Afghan detainees to the Afghan National Army and allegedly knew about the abuse these detainees were receiving. Some believe Canada not only turned a blind eye to it but intentionally handed over prisoners to torturers.
Result: Whirlwind of bad press for the Conservatives, including the accusation that Canada should be tried for war crimes. The House of Commons is in showdown mode as opposition MP's want access to documents pertaining to the detainees in question and to Canada’s treatment and tracking of prisoners in Afghanistan.
Lessons Learned: (Alleged) war crimes don't pay. (credit: Canadian Press)


3) Who: National Resources Minister Lisa Raitt
What: In a private conversation between Raitt and her aide Jasmine MacDonnell, Rait described the issue of medical isotope shortage as a ''sexy'' story and a chance to shine in the political limelight.
Result: Busted for being a cold-hearted player. Raitt's aide, who accidently leaked the casual recording, resigned, while Raitt eventually apologized and offered her resignation. Harper refused it.
Lessons Learned: Get a better aide. Keep the word ''sexy'' as far away from your politics as possible. (credit: Canadian Press)


4) Who: Immigration Minister Jason Kenny
What: Kenney's now former director of multicultural affairs, Kasra Nejatian send a fundraising letter to Conservative riding associations on government letterhead seeking assistance for a $378,000 ad campaign meant to attract immigrant voters. An excellent example of partisan fundraising; Kenney used government staff and resources to try and get the Conservatives what they need.
Result: Kenney apologized but claimed it was his employee's mistake. Nejatian resigned.
Lessons Learned: It's never a good idea to blur the lines between your Ministerial duties and courting immigrant voters. For maximum efficacy and minimum risk, just make a pandering, empty appearance at random ethnic festivals instead. (credit: Canadian Press)


5) Who: Herr Harper Himself
What: The PMO is working on a plan code named the Shoe Store Project that would see government build a new media centre solely controlled by the government. Easier control of the media and the message the public get is the primary goal. The centre is meant to replace the 47-year-old National Press Theatre, a venue where conferences are moderated by the non-partisan Parliamentary Press Gallery association - a group of broadcasters, newspapers and other media outlets. The new media centre would be managed and moderated by hand-picked individuals answerable only to the Harper government, instead of to the press gallery. Estimated cost of the project is $2 million.
Result: We have yet to see if the new media centre sees the light of day. In the meantime, media outlets are expressing their concern that dictatorship is slowing edging out democracy.
Lesson Learned: Don't f*&k with the media! (credit: Canadian Press)
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6) Who: Quebec MP (and former Minister for Foreign Affairs) Maxime Bernier
What: In 2008, left highly confidential and sensitive NATO briefing notes at the apartment of then-girlfriend Julie Couillard, who was later discovered to have had ties to such unsavoury criminal organizations as the Hell's Angels.
Result: SO. TOTALLY. FIRED! At least from his cabinet position. But he's still an MP.
Lessons learned: For Harper: don't trust NATO secrets with a self-absorbed jackass who does his best thinking with his ''Little Minister.'' For Bernier: put your head down and behave for a bit, and you can actually keep your job, even though you don't deserve it. Yay! (credit: Canadian Press)


7) Who: Former Cabinet Minister Helena Guergis
What: In the interest of fairness to the scandal-plagued, disgraced Guergis, it must be noted that in some cases, the exact details of her disgrace are still under investigation. But over a period of 24 months or so, she and/or her husband Rahim Jaffer were surrounded by a never-ending torrent of rumours of corruption, cocaine binges, three-way sex with prostitutes, alleged financial irregularities and a well-publicized hissy fit at the Charlottetown airport. Today, they might be known as Team Sheen.
Result: Fired, then thrown under the bus by Harper and his crew.
Lessons learned: Presumably, Harper was forced to upbraid his entire party with one of his infamous tactical directive memos. It probably read something like this: ''Hey guys! Seriously, no more blow, whores, and graft! This goes especially for cabinet ministers I appointed to multiple positions. Just good honest government for a bit, k? Tanx!'' (credit: Canadian Press)


8) Who: Former Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda
What: When an official document recommended the renewal of government funding for Kairos, a left-leaning international aid organization, Oda attempted to overturn it by simply adding the word ''not'' to the document, effectively inverting the meaning of the recommendation. Also known in non-governmental circles as ''lying.'' She also claimed, initially, not to have done it at all - another whopper.
Results: The Government seems to be riding this one out, despite a symphonic swell of calls for her resignation, including one from National Post columnist Lorne Gunter - although most of his blistering column is about how much less corrupt the Harper government is than, well, let's say, any Liberal government ever.
Lessons learned: Good soldiers go far. Oda's scandal has helped deflect from concurrent Conservative, scandals, especially its stonewalling of parties seeking detailed budget breakdowns. Both issues, ultimately, placed the Conservatives in contempt of Parliament. (credit: Canadian Press)


9) Who: Harper Chief of Staff Nigel Wright
What: According to 2008 documents related to the so-called ''in-and-out scandal,'' Wright was the secretary of the Conservative Fund of Canada at the time of the alleged improprieties in the distribution of campaign funds for Conservative campaign advertising - the ''In and Out'' scandal (which, by the way, despite the name, appears to have absolutely nothing to do with Maxime Bernier and/or Helena Guergis).
Results: Developing. In typical fashion, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is calling for Wright's resignation, despite the nagging fact that Wright has yet to be implicated. Or, as Harper put it in a typically scintillating, heartfelt speech: ''the individual in question has not been charged with anything yet.''
Lessons learned: We'll see what happens, but one thing we know already is that being Harper's chief of staff is probably not all that much fun (credit: Canadian Press)


10) Who: Stephen Harper
What: After cutting $45 million in arts and culture funding back in 2008, Mr. Harper casually suggested that ''ordinary people'' don't care about arts funding. A Facebook group claiming the contrary was quickly started and went viral, gathering nearly 60,000 fans.
Results: Harper softened his stance a bit, then performed ''A Little Help From My Friends'' at just the sort of gala he had derided earlier. Not a scandal, exactly, but a great example of Harper's enduring love for the double-standard.
Lessons learned: Harper is not an ''ordinary'' Canadian, and we're supposed to do what he says, not what he does. Any questions? Direct them to The Canadian, er, the ''Harper Government.'' (credit: Canadian Press)

Then there is the Russell Williams Scandal which the Canadian Military,The RCMP and The "Harper" Government Protected and helped to conceal the murders,rapes and other crimes going on at bases he worked at.As one witness was asked if they investigated his neighbor(Russell Williams) he said "he was considered "Elite" and therefore was beyond investigation and suspicion for the crimes"

Some background info on The "Elite" Member of Canadian Forces Russell Williams.

David Russell Williams[2] (born March 7, 1963) is a convicted murderer, rapist, and former Colonel in the Canadian Forces. From July 2009 to his arrest in February 2010, he commanded Canadian Forces Base Trenton, a hub for air transport operations in Canada and abroad and the country's largest and busiest airbase. Williams was also a decorated military pilot who had flown Canadian Forces VIP aircraft for Canadian dignitaries such as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the governor general, the prime minister, and others.[3]

On February 8, 2010, he was relieved as the base commander at CFB Trenton due to criminal charges. He was formally charged by the Crown Attorney pursuant to provisions set forth in the Criminal Code of Canada on evidence collected by the Ontario Provincial Police with two counts of first-degree murder along with two counts of forcible confinement and two counts of breaking and entering and sexual assault;[4] another 82 charges relating to breaking and entry were subsequently added.[5] On October 21, 2010, Williams was sentenced to two life sentences for first-degree murder, two 10-year sentences for other sexual assaults, two 10-year sentences for forcible confinement and 82 one-year sentences for burglary; all the sentences will be served concurrently at Kingston Penitentiary. The life sentences mean Williams will serve a minimum of 25 years before parole eligibility. Since he has been convicted of multiple murders, Williams is not eligible for early parole under the so-called "faint hope clause" of the Canadian Criminal Code.[6]

On October 22, 2010, Williams was stripped of his commission, ranks, and awards by the Governor General of Canada on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Staff. His severance pay was terminated and the salary he received following his arrest was seized, although he is still entitled to a pension.

Military service

Williams was regarded as a model military man over the course of his 23-year career.[10][21] He enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1987 after graduating from the University of Toronto with an economics and political science degree. He received his flying wings in 1990, and was posted to 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School, based at CFB Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, where he served for two years as an instructor.

Promoted to captain on January 1, 1991,[22] Williams was posted to 434 Combat Support Squadron at CFB Shearwater, N.S. in 1992, where he flew the CC-144 Challenger in the electronic warfare and coastal patrol role. In 1994, he was posted to the 412 Transport Squadron in Ottawa, where he transported VIPs, including high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries, also on Challengers.

Williams was promoted to major in November 1999 and was posted to Director General Military Careers, in Ottawa, where he served as the multi-engine pilot career manager.[22]

He obtained a Master of Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2004 with a 55-page thesis that supported pre-emptive war in Iraq, and in June 2004, he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel and on July 19, 2004 he was appointed commanding officer of 437 Transport Squadron at CFB Trenton, Ont., a post he held for two years.[10][21][22][23][24][25]

From December 2005 to May 2006, Williams also served as the commanding officer of Camp Mirage, a secretive logistics facility believed to be located at Al Minhad Air Base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that provides support to Canadian Forces operations in Afghanistan.[10][21][22][26]

He was posted to the Directorate of Air Requirements on July 21, 2006 where he served as project director for the Airlift Capability Projects Strategic (C-17 Globemaster III) and Tactical (CC-130J Hercules J), and Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue, working under Lieutenant General Angus Watt at this posting.[22][27]

In January 2009 he was posted to the Canadian Forces Language School in Gatineau, Quebec, for a six-month period of French language training, during which he was promoted to colonel by recommendation of now retired Lieutenant-General Angus Watt.[28]

On July 15, 2009, Williams was sworn in as the Wing Commander at Canadian Forces Base Trenton by the outgoing Wing Commander Brigadier General Mike Hood.[29] Canadian Forces Base Trenton is Canada's busiest air base and locus of support for overseas military operations. Located in Trenton, Ontario, the base also functions as the point of arrival for the bodies of all Canadian Forces personnel killed in Afghanistan, and the starting point for funeral processions along the "Highway of Heroes" whence their bodies are brought to Toronto for autopsy.[21][22][30][31][32][33]

Williams has been described as an elite pilot and "shining bright star" of the military. He had flown Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister of Canada, and many other dignitaries across Canada and overseas in Canadian Forces VIP aircraft.[10][21][24]
[edit] Investigation and arrest

Jessica Lloyd, 27, had vanished on January 28, 2010. Investigators identified distinctive tire tracks left in snow near her home. One week after her disappearance, the Ontario Provincial Police conducted an extensive canvassing of all motorists using the highway near her home from 7 pm on February 4, 2010, to 6 am on the following day, looking for the unusual tire treads. Williams was driving his Pathfinder that day — rather than the BMW he usually drove — and an officer noticed the resemblance of his tire treads. These were subsequently matched to the treads near Lloyd's home.[13][21]

On February 7, 2010, the CFB Trenton base commander was at his newly built home in Ottawa, where his wife lived full-time and he lived part-time, when he was called by the OPP in Ottawa and asked to come in for questioning. During the 10-hour interview he confessed to the numerous crimes of which he was later convicted. Early the next morning Williams led investigators to the woman's body in a secluded area on Cary Road, about 13 minutes away from where he lived. Williams was also charged in the death of Corporal Marie-France Comeau, a 37-year-old military flight attendant based at CFB Trenton, who had been found dead inside her home in late November 2009.[12][21][34][35]

Along with the murder charges, Williams was charged with breaking and entering, forcible confinement, and the sexual assault of two other women in connection with two separate home invasions near Tweed, Ontario in September 2009. According to reports, the women had been bound in their homes and the attacker had taken photos of them.[21][34][36]

Williams was arraigned and remanded into custody on Monday, February 8, 2010. The Canadian Forces announced that day that an interim commander would soon be appointed to replace him (Dave Cochrane took over 11 days later), and removed his biography from the Department of National Defence website the following day.[23][26]

Hours after the announcement of Williams' arrest, police services across the country reopened unsolved homicide cases involving young women in areas where Williams, a career military man, had previously been stationed. According to news reports, police began looking at other unsolved cases based on a full statement that Williams gave to police.[23][34][35]

A week after his arrest, investigators reported that, along with hidden keepsakes and other evidence they had found in his home, they had matched a print from one of the homicide scenes to his boot.[37]

In addition to the four primary incidents, the investigation into Williams includes probes into 48 cases of theft of women's underwear dating back to 2006. In the searches of his Ottawa home, police discovered stolen lingerie that was neatly stored, catalogued, and concealed.[38]

In April 2010, Williams was placed on suicide watch after he tried to kill himself by wedging a stuffed cardboard toilet paper roll down his throat.[39]
[edit] Confession

On February 7, 2010, Williams was interrogated at Ottawa Police Service headquarters by Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth, a member of the Ontario Provincial Police's Behavioural Sciences Unit. The interview started at 3 p.m. and by 7:45 p.m. he was describing his crimes. The interrogation lasted approximately ten hours. Excerpts of the confession were shown in court at Williams' sentencing hearing on October 20, 2010.

In the confession, Williams gave details of his crimes, including the sexual assaults in Tweed and 82 break-ins and thefts. Some of them occurred in Ottawa homes within walking distance of his Orleans, Ontario home where he lived with his wife. Other break-ins and thefts occurred in Belleville, and in Tweed, where the couple had a cottage since 2004.

He also told police where they could find evidence, including hidden keepsakes, inside the Ottawa home. The couple had moved to a new house two months before he was interrogated by police.[40][41][42][43] He told Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth where police could find the thousands of images he took of Lloyd and Comeau and the two women he sexually assaulted. He then identified on a map where he dumped Lloyd’s body. A video of the interrogation was made available to the public and was posted online by several newspapers and on YouTube.
[edit] Court proceedings and trial

Williams appeared before the Ontario Court of Justice in Belleville, Ontario via video link from the Quinte Detention Centre on July 22, 2010, where his next court appearance was set for August 26.[44] Again via video link, Williams waived his right to a preliminary inquiry and thus had his next appearance scheduled at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for October 7, 2010.[45] Williams' lawyer stated then that his client would plead guilty to all 82 Criminal Code charges filed against him.[46]

On October 18, 2010 Williams pleaded guilty to all charges.[47] On the first day of Williams' trial and guilty plea, details emerged of other sexual assaults he committed, including that of a new mother who was wakened with a blow to the head while she and her baby were asleep in her house.[48] The first day of trial revealed that Williams also had pedophiliac tendencies, stealing underwear of girls as young as nine years old. He made 82 fetish-related home invasions and attempted break-ins between September 2007 and November 2009.[49]

Williams progressed from break-ins to sexual assaults with no penetration to rape and murder. He kept detailed track of police reports of the crimes he was committing, logged his crimes, kept photos and videos and even left notes and messages for his victims.[50] In a break-in into the bedroom of a 12-year-old, he left a message in her computer saying: "Merci" ("Thank you" in French). He took thousands of pictures of his crimes and kept the photos on his computer. Crown Attorney Robert Morrison presented numerous pictures of Williams dressed in the very underwear and bras he had stolen, frequently masturbating while lying on the beds of his victims.[49]

Some of the photos presented on the first day of his trial were published in several newspapers. As some newspapers explained, although troubling, the photos were published because they capture the essence of the crimes of Williams and show the true nature of his crimes. Among the news media that published some of the released photographs were The Montreal Gazette and The Toronto Star.[51][52]

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert F. Scott sentenced Williams on October 22, 2010, to two concurrent terms of life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.[53]

In what is believed to be a first, Williams' uniform was destroyed through burning by the Canadian Forces, as his name had been stitched into the fabric.[54] His SUV and medals will likewise be destroyed.

This is what Canadian Government Considers "Elite"
This is What The Harper Government Considers "Elite"

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