SHOCKER - 2004 AP Headline: "Kenyan-Born Obama..."

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Zimbabwean Connection to Obamas Visit to Africa
Saturday, 18 July 2009 15:39
THERE was a Zimbabwean connection to President Barack Obamas visit to Africa 11 days ago.
The Holiday Inn Accra Airport hotel where the US President stayed is managed by Africa Sun Limited.

And Shingi Munyeza, Group Chief Executive of the Pan-African hospitality group, African Sun Limited, is crowing about the groups coup.

Barack Obama chose to stay at the Holiday Inn Accra Airport because of its position, great facilities and world-class service, Munyeza told The Standard.

We are honoured that from July 10 to July 11, he and his family were shown the true African experience and we look forward to welcoming them to any of our other properties whether they be in Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana or South Africa.

African Sun has evolved into Africa fastest growing hospitality group after taking the move to invest outside the Zimbabwean market in 2004. The group investment in West Africa is the largest foreign direct investment by a Zimbabwean company into the region.

Munyeza said the group ability to grow into a world class player in the hospitality industry was not only testament to the service delivery excellence which the group prides itself on, but also a showcase of what Zimbabwean business can achieve internationally.

President Obama said while it was easy to point fingers and pin the blame for Africa problem on others, the outside world was not to blame.

the West is not responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy over the last decade, or wars in which children are enlisted as combatants.

In my fathers life, it was partly tribalism and patronage in an independent Kenya that for a long stretch derailed his career, and we know that this kind of corruption is a daily fact of life for far too many.He also said that across Africa, there were countless examples of people taking control of their destiny and making change from the bottom up.


Could Kenyas claim to the Obama name be through Baraks father (Kenyan born)? Just a thought...
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LowSix wrote:So what meps saying, is that he would
rather have Biden as President, and Pelosi as Vp.

Bc that is exactly the order of leadership,
and what would happen if the Birthers got their wish.

Sounds like a brilliant Plan B to me.

Exactly, I dont know why these fuckin birthers are pleading to remove Obama....Biden and fuckin PELOSI????

Fuck, I hope they DO prove obama is about shooting yourself in the foot...

How many times must you honk your horn and say fuck you?
Now what the fuck does that do?
You feel better now, I didnt let you pass.
How bout I stop my car and beat your fuckin' ass?

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Wow... 9 diggs already :owned:

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mep630 wrote:
darkplanet wrote:Here's a prediction; you won't see anything to back up the assertion, nor will the sourced "AP" headline turn out to have any substance.

Oh...and no one really cares anyway ;)
wow, this amazes me, what do you mean no one cares? lol your an ignorant retard. Just hand over everything you own, you should not care, right?!

fkn idiot...

Yeah, Darkplanet is fucking ignorant idiot .......




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