Should marijuana be legalized and taxed?

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PostFri May 15, 2009 6:26 am » by Ph0enix

I think we should legalize most drugs. We should determine a "danger level" and allow all drugs under that level to hit the streets in monitored, controled fashions; like cigerettes or alcohol. When i say "danger level" i mean the average person's behavior and or health risks involved. As to say, we permit cancer causing cigerettes and liver disease causing alcohol. More violence, death, and imprisonment has come from alcohol than it has from marijuana or say magic mushrooms. To not free us to do more of these things is to opress us in a way. Not legalizing CRACK, Heroine, or Meth might be ok because those are over the accepted "danger level" that we agree apon. However, keeping everything but cigs and bottles of courage illegal just creates demand for criminal activity. Regulate it, agree on rules, and let adults make adult decisions...

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PostFri May 15, 2009 7:34 am » by Birdcoltrane

One of the main reasons why marijuana is illegal is that too many white women were getting high and hanging out in jazz night clubs. Who was in charge at the time....???? the MAN! So now in this day in age we are able to understand one another in a positive manner and i say in about 2 years marijuana will be legal.

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 12:52 am » by Lisakitty

ok folks, here are some things to sober ya up, first of all, "gateway drug" define that one, are you referring to sugar? or tobacco? or caffeine ?or alcohol? , or the plethora of pharma stew in our environment?...i can assure you a gas chromatography scan of any fetus will show exposure to these things first in life...govt approved and essentially encouraged mind altering substances almost always beat the dope man to that zygote......, but that is not ones concern, were talking excuses to wage culture war, not real medical reality and comprehension of environment, and its corporate sponsored toxins
...and define mind altering.........our news media is pure i suppose its a mind altering drug...seems what ya all are cherry picking on is the concept that ANY mindset not pre approved by your agenda is somehow subversive, fact is your mind and body is yours, and anyone feeling otherwise sells sovereignty for safety, and really those that are timid of their own minds and others freedom of thought, is indeed a hallucinating creature........
grow up peeps its the new age embrace your freedoms............
and remember pot is so powerful it drives the people who don't smoke it insane.............
all said, all the great war criminals were also anti drug crusaders, shall we hope for war crime tribunals one day in the drug war?

expect more in the new age, refuse to accept the idiocy of Rome

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 1:00 am » by end0fall

Oh god not again,no I'm stopping here,every time I post on something like this I get too angry.

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 1:31 am » by Biledriver

Decriminalize only. Any regulations will only purpetuate the black market of it. No tax, no nothing. People should be able to grow it, smoke it, eat it, give it to others with no reprecussions. That is (in my opinion) the only way to get rid of the black market while allowing people to use it.

And I'm sorry, having any kind of restrictions on no smoking and driving.,. will only screw it up. Pot alone (and I mean alone) has never been legitimately proven to cause any accidents. From my experience, and from everyone I've ever known who smoked, it makes you a much safer and cautious driver.

These are only my opinions.


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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 1:54 am » by grev

i think the government shouldn't have any say in how we run our lives. it is your choice what you do to your body. i think some should be available in the free market.
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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 3:52 am » by Stone069

end0fall wrote:Oh god not again,no I'm stopping here,every time I post on something like this I get too angry.

No one has posted to this in three months and you still jumped right on the bus and jumped in the mix with a nasty statement. You hold a grudge on this topic due to your situation. It appears like a serious one at that. Why don't you let us discuss this like adults and step off. We get your position, you don't like it and believe you have good reason now sit down and lets us discuss it.

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 4:06 am » by Stone069

I smell a rat, a BIG (PHARMA) RAT some one was going to lose money and hushed it up.

Its cheaper to cure then to maintain. Why charge them once when we can charge them weekly or monthly and make hundreds of times over.

Disgusting and attitudes which prevent these studies of any possible cures are just as bad.

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 4:42 am » by Shatnerswig

Count_E.R.Measure wrote:

Hey End0, I'm pretty positiv that it doesn't take long anymore that the NWO will show us all her finery and I think that will be the day when it also will be forbidden to smoke on the streets. So that would solve these problems. Let alone puke from pissheads. Camps are already built for them, brother.

funny you mention that . I saw an article the other day about a public beach in new jersey that has banned smoking(cigarettes) if you get caught smoking you get fined. and thrown off the beach. :ohno: as for pot, I haven't smoked it in a very long time but Ido think it should be decriminalized. too many people are in the system because of simple drug charges. its clogging up the whole correctional system here in the usa. not enough room for real criminals so now we are building more prisons.....but that's a whole other topic. as for taxing legalilzed marajuana ... wouldnt work well ,pot grows just about any where, thats why they call it weed ! people would just grow their own. if it ever does become legal ,I'm buying a shitload of stock in doritos and twinkies.cause that shit can give you a mean case of the munchies

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PostSun Aug 16, 2009 4:50 am » by Strider

There are multiple scientific studies that indicate THC (the active ingredient in weed) has anti-cancer properties. Instead of further research being done, it's stifled, ridiculed and shut down.

Anal-retentive types say that people are just looking for an excuse to get high - so no such research should be allowed. Go home and drink a 6-pack instead.

Many years ago (while putting myself through University) I did a few years as a security guard. Sometimes we did security at parties - when we saw people smoking pot, we relaxed, because we knew these people would chill and not cause cause trouble. Alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous (in different ways) than pot. That's the truth of it.

The government doesn't like pot because if enough people used it, they'd be anti-war and that's bad for profits for the MIC (military industrial complex), and it's also bad for big pharma and the cancer industry.

I think the early studies that indicate anti-cancer properties should be followed up on. People should get onto their local politicians on the topic, because, oddly enough, they are involved.

I mean if dandelions had anti-cancer properties, nobody would have an issue with it. You would not have laws against dandelions and have politicians making laws against them - or wait - maybe we would!


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