Should we colonise Mars? a viewpoint.

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Dr Alexander Kumar - who has been overwintering at Concordia Station, Antarctica - asks whether we should send people to the Red Planet given our poor record managing this one

He says:-
"At some point, hopefully many, many years in the future, the Earth will suffer an event that human life cannot tolerate - that is to say, an extinction event.
"If mankind is to survive as a species then in the long term our future existence lies in colonisation of other planets or moons. I believe this is something that can be achieved, but it will require many years of progressive steps before we are capable of colonisation

Should we be so frivolous by our excessive nature, and be trusted to visit, contaminate and perhaps colonise another planet when we seem so incapable of conserving and looking after our own home world?
Maybe this continuing lack of care for the planet and its people will one day become the reason we leave Earth for once and for all.

I think he got it right.

Bearing in mind that India (i.e) is:-
sending an unmanned orbiter to Mars,
and also bearing in mind that 626 million people in that country — the highest in the world — don't have a closed toilet and consequently practice open defecation. Are the powers that be , giving up on sorting out the problems, and planning on leaving within the next 50 years?

Sort of reminds me of that Simpson's episode where Homer screwed up with the waste disposal, and the whole town had to up sticks and move to another location ! ... tian-orbit

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"they" wouldnt let us... so dont plan on it.
moon - "they" wont let us..... again dont plan on it heh.

Extinction Lvl event = De-population = (hopefully) eradication of religion(s) = loss of gerning powers = new human world

Cant wait hope its in my lifetime.
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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NEW HUMAN WORLD? Yeah! that'll do it!

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