Silent Furnace - what the hell is it?

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PostThu Jul 19, 2012 12:16 pm » by Thruster

I could'nt decide.... invest my money on this one... that tonic from my bald headed barber to rub on my scalp gauranteed to make my hair grow.


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PostThu Aug 02, 2012 2:10 pm » by 1of1

I am also curious about this site. I discovered it on the David Icke website, filled out a request ( not an application) and received some links to a broadcast they created. Had some questions about who this group is and emailed them asking for more information ( who are the people, with whom are they affiliated etc). Haven't received a response as of yet.

"Who is" Domain registration lookup, has the owner of the site listed as Fred Lam of British Columbia. Linked In has him listed as the owner of a communications and E Education company

Does anyone recognize this name? Does anyone recognize any of his affiliations?

It is highly curious for a site to request such a large membership fee without disclosing their identity and what they do. After looking at the post above regarding their mission, I can't help but wonder if there is not some connection to Scientology. I am beginning to suspect a connection between Bill Ryan of Project Avalon and this group, primarily due to the number of hits the site has received from Ecuador ( data retrieved from Alexa Rank). I could be wrong, completely off base, but my instincts are in over drive on this one.

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PostThu Aug 02, 2012 2:30 pm » by monica44

$400 dollars a year for what :headscratch: ...?

I was thinking of using an old email address [nothing of importance goes there] and PAYGO phone and do a little digging, but i do not fancy handing over that sort of money!! It reminds me of the Rosicrusions, where you have to give a percentage of your wages over to them, noting to they only want "professional" people to sign up though so it is a money thing....and another gang like the Freemasons etc....

i would rather give my $400 to the snow Leopards or any other endangered species...
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PostThu Aug 02, 2012 2:33 pm » by 1of1

You are correct it appears.. The thing that got me to wondering about the Scientology connection was the poster above and the three tiers of membership. Doesn't Scientology do that?

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PostMon Aug 06, 2012 10:26 pm » by Pacificwaters

I am pretty sure one of the guys was posting on either LOP or GLP but I can't remember his ID. What he said made sense in many ways.

Bradders3110 wrote:Saw this link for a website and was intrigued

It states it will be up and running soon and asks for your email address. The name seems a little sinister and the questions seem a little strange, though I could tick most of them. I've hit a wall on what I can find, but I know there are some good investigators on here. So what do you think?

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PostMon Aug 06, 2012 11:35 pm » by Newdawnrising

Are you sure this isn't just another sneaky gimmick by the church of scientology? :mrgreen:
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PostMon Aug 27, 2012 1:21 pm » by Rusty

I accidentaly came across the site and I decided to attend an online webinar (few of them were free in the beginning). I happened to meet quite a few people online, the main ones apparently the organizers were Kacper and Josh. Josh sounded like not a native English speaker to me. Guys claimed to live in Ecuador so I checked some Real Estate companies and Houses and I found the names there. According to my oppinion both guys are probably really living in Ecuador.
Both Guys have their fingers in organizing a spiritual Water Woman Festival in Ecuador. Here is the link:
As to what I heard on the online webinar, it is very strange stuff. I am used to a lot of crap and scam, but guys didn't do any of that. It was just, well, talking and being silent about the movement of the world, of peoples being awakened to feel themselves being themselves. It really hit me and I cant's say why. No real facts were considered. Just silent talk and loud laughter...
I am getting a newsletter from them so I am going to write something from the last one:

Here's what the Silent Furnace really is all about... and what it will do for you:

The silent Furnace membership is about one thing only: waking up.

Waking up out of a fear driven trance state which most people call reality, and seeing what is really going on.

It's about taking all the confusion out of all the information and mis-information aboutthis "spiritual awakening" stuff, and tying it all together into one lucid picture of what is really going on, and how you can accelerate your own awakening.

You see, it all began 13000 years ago. And this pyramid under the Ocean off the coast of Bermuda is actuually a piece of the story:

[now there was some picture of the pyramid, you can google it if you wish(Rusty)]

The real "story" is way cooler than anything you can imagine.

Whatever you hear out there on the news, and even on the alternative "underground" information web-sites, is only a tiny sliver of the full story of where we came from, who we are, and what is really happening on this planet right now.

Everything changes depending on the level of consciousness looking at it, and in the Silent Furnace, we take a long honest hard look at things with a very different level of consciousness.

First of all, one of us crazy guys talking (Josh), has actually died twice, and gone to the next dimension... they wouldn't let him stay! They showed him what was about to happen on this planet with the awakening, and sent him back to spread the word.

Take it from a guy who's died twice, there's nothing to fear...

All this talk about 2012, illuminati, secret governments, and the de-population agenda is really just a fart in time compared to what you'll discover when you tune into what we're about to share.

If people knew what was really happening, and what is about to unfold, the streets would be full of people running around in joy.

This is a story very few people know. And right now, we're in the final chapter of that story.

There is a real awakening happening, and it has nothing to do with waking up to "what's going on" ie: chemtrails, secret governments, illuminati...

It's way bigger. It's ancient.

If you're sensitive, you can probably already feel it in your heart. You can feel it from the Earth, feel it in the air, and sense something arising inside you...

It is a return of a level of consciousness that was once here, long ago

In this level of consciousness, you are not you anymore. Your ideas of limitation, of who you think you are, and what is real, it all falls away, like waking up out of a dream… Yet the dream continues, and you are lucid dreaming.

From this state, you begin to interact with reality in a far different way, life takes on a fluidity and a sense of magic you perhaps only remember from childhood.

There is nothing to learn. Only to unlearn, and remember.

It is a remembering if what has been forgotten long ago.

But this is just the beginn ing, the rabbit hole really goes much deeper.

Stay tuned, and get ready for September 1st.


So is it a scam? Yes or no, it doesn;t answer the question of WHAT THE HELL IS IT? :-D

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PostSat Sep 01, 2012 8:23 pm » by garydon

large fee for a guy who died twice, i'm curious but not wealthy enough to purcharge his story. David Icke's opinion on silent furnace be great.

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PostSat Sep 01, 2012 9:31 pm » by Nihilgeist

Cageyone23 wrote:

Our target audience: Someone intelligent, and ripe for real growth in their life, generally a slightly older audience with with a pull for deeper meaning in life, a pull to mystery and an aching heart for answers.

Translation: Someone going through a mid-life crisis with money to give to something new.
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PostSat Sep 01, 2012 9:44 pm » by The57ironman

Rusty wrote:
There is nothing to learn. Only to unlearn, and remember.

It is a remembering if what has been forgotten long ago.

But this is just the beginn ing, the rabbit hole really goes much deeper.

Stay tuned, and get ready for September 1st.



........yesterday was the day then..?... :peep:

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