Since when does this happen in Seattle let alone November ?

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Isn't the Pacific Northwest supposed to be cold and snowy? Never been there, that's just the possibly wrong image I have in my head of it. Whatever, tho, I'll agree that the weather has been all over seriously screwy. Last week, all day, the weatherman was talking about how it might sprinkle a bit at night in a bored voice. Checked the weather at 6pm, ahh, still might rain a little overnight. Checked it at, little rain, might be windy. Checked it at 11...and it was HOLY SHIT, TORNADO WATCH!! Out of nowhere. And gone just as fast. I watched the looped radar. Little rain, rain showers, KABOOM, giant line of super thunderstorms billowing up out of nowhere...then within an hour, dissipated to just rain again. It was very disturbing. To me, anyway. Nobody else seemed the least bothered by it the next day.
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