Sirian motherships hanging around Elenin?

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PostFri Jun 17, 2011 8:39 am » by Wakemeup

I came across this youtube user awhile back and he recorded what looks like a mothership on the stereo ahead cor 1 for 39 days. Starts at 3:45. The first part is in in the youtube link below.

Today over at Sydneystargazers they snapped some pics of Elenin and it looks like the same objects are around Elenin. Here is what they said.
We did have to laugh when we saw someone comment elsewhere on the Internet asking if the anomalies in our prior picture might be cloaked UFO motherships.

Well we have taken another picture of comet Elenin and the anomalies are still there with added issues caused by moonlight. We like to say again that people should try not to see something that is not there and that the shapes you are seeing in the picture are caused by the comet being too low to the horizon….. nothing more than that.

And here is the link with the pics.
http://sydneystargazers.files.wordpress ... -june1.jpg ... 17th-june/

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