Sky-Map, Google Sky and Nibiru?

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 8:25 am » by Iamcare

Ok so I haven't really crossed paths with the whole Nibiru thing in my research that often apart from some interesting sidelines every now and then. When i saw the whole "Massive spaceship heading for earth post" and started screwing around on skymap to see what was there I notcied something someone else had noticed and I wasn't sure if it had been brought up here. Apologies if it has but this interested me.

Skymap appears to take a shot at pointing out Nibiru. I'm not sure if its ugc or what but they point out this anomoly at 9 42 52.59, 13 49' 45.81" (or there abouts) which as far as my knowledge streches, which admittedly is not far on this subject, raises a few flags.


Don't worry about the co-ordinates, just type nibiru into the search bar @ and it will take you there. You have to flip the spectrum analysis into infa-red on the control panel and there it appears.
Firstly, I seem to remember on a recent coast 2 coast interview someone suggesting that Nibiru may only be visible in the infa-red spectrum, and therefore invisible to the average telescope. This anomoly only appears in the infa red, although if you mess around with the filters you can see mabye one or two different anomolies at the same place. Wether or not they are attributable to 'nibiru' is arguable.
I have also heard, I'm not sure where but probably on another C2C interview that at this present time 'insiders' beleive Nibiru to be passing through the constellation of Leo. This anomoly appears just to the right of that constellation in the sky. This is demonstrable if you toggle the constellations although I'm sure I dont need to tell you that.

I flipped over to google sky to see if it could be verified by their infa-red filters. I was not encouraged by my previous search for the "massive spaceship on route to earth" in which google turned up the only peice of google sky where this lovely little image distortion takes place.


Thank you Google sky for editing so incredibly obviously i nearly shit myself in frustration
But lo and behold the infa-red filter picks up this litte beauty of an image you can go check for yourself at exactly the same coordinates, not exactly mirroring the skymap image but certainly pointing to the fact of their being an interesting anomoly, possibly with moons and corona/ring/tail at this particular location, just to the right of leo.


I'm undecided but then I'm no Nibiru expert. can anyone shed any light or has this already been posted and debunked?

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 8:34 am » by Yuya63

That looks like a gamma ray burst.

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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 9:27 am » by Warngen

i got pretty excited when the "object off saturns south pole" was brought up...but then no one(even me) kept up with it....

but now it seems to be pretty interesting.....

anyone want to give input?
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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 11:15 pm » by Memccool

Could you provide a direct link to that part in google sky?
Last time i checked google sky for nibiru it directed me in a different direction.
However we all know that google in general does a lot of image editing :mrcool: :ohno:
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PostMon Dec 28, 2009 11:26 pm » by Cornbread714

Nibiru is a myth. All of Sitchin's predictions didn't happen.

Maybe some of the myth is based on something real, I read others (like Velikovsky), who seemed to have a glimmer of truth to offer, but it's all been highly speculative and far from being proven scientifically in any general sense.

The math didn't fit the myth. So far.

We need to quit calling every piece of rock or anomalous looking phenomenon "Nibiru".

It's starting to sound like a religion. Apparently we're just as dumb as those mythical, gullible Sumerians.

Just sayin' :sunny:
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PostTue Dec 29, 2009 12:26 am » by Tinman4higher

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PostTue Dec 29, 2009 12:55 am » by Harbin

Nibiru has been a subject of interest to me for several years. However, any new information I look for is just another fuzzy image of "something".
Unconvincing in general.

However, I intend to keep looking. And look forward to any and all postings on this subject here. :rtft:

Thank you all. :)

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PostTue Dec 29, 2009 4:34 am » by Iamcare

I can't provide a direct link as I don't know how and I couldn't find an option. I used the sky section of google earth and if you copy these co-ordinates (9 48 03.55, 13 16 46.87)it should take you to that part of the sky. all you have to do then is choose the featured observatories and select the IRAS infa red overlay and zoom in.

Hope that helps.

(Edit) unless you mean a direct link to the uploaded picture in my photobucket thing in which case its here. ... ibiru2.jpg

my co-ordinates were a little shoddy so heres the exact co-ords as of tonight:

I kind of agree that its a little bit like another fuzzy image of nothing, it's difficult to gauge perspective on it but I also must admit that I'm intreagued by it being a single anomoly I cant find anywhere else on google sky. Or sky map for that matter. I hope if someone finds a similar type of anomoly they'll post it here.
The Sky-map image is probably best viewed at skymap itself where you can get in and try to judge perspectiva a little better. That image did kind of take me back a bit, especially as I first looked at it under the sky-map anomolies section and they'ed labelled it nibiru. If I was given that image and asked to identify it without prior knowledge of what it might be, I'd say it definately resembles a planet with orbiting moons.
Its Interesting to see what people think though.
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PostTue Jan 18, 2011 4:55 pm » by Toxicvibes

In case noone noticed yet...if you take the second picture in the first post (the one blurred by google earth) and mark it with a pin (the option in google earth to mark some locations) and after that you switch from Sky mode to earth mode you will see that it is pointed exactly towards Antarctica.

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PostTue Jan 18, 2011 5:47 pm » by Mutjack

Nibiru is a myth there are thousands of back garden star gazers out there if it was there some one would have seen it by now and the cat would well and truly be out of the bag. :cheers:


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