So who thinks september 11th was staged? watch this video

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cee420 wrote:

I believe the cars caught on fire, because of hot pieces of debris from the Twin Towers.
A group of independent researchers have found nano-thermite chips and the byproduct of thermite reaction, iron rich micro-spheres in the WTC dust, and thermite reaction can produce heat of around 3500 Celsius.
These thermite chips and hot micro-spheres were found hundreds of meters away from Ground Zero, so it is very likely that these and other hot debris ignited the vehicles.

There is very little evidence to back the nuke-theory ..high Tritium levels ..but did the Tritium come from nuclear devices or from something else? I don’t know ..but this is pretty much all the evidence the nuke-theorists have so far.
Some say that small micro-nukes are not even possible, cause with these there isn’t enough energy to get the reaction going ..some say they have discovered a way to produce micro-nukes ..i don’t know.

But at least Dimitri Khalezov’s theories are wrong. period.
He claims that nukes were detonated under the 3 demolished WTC buildings, and then the nukes formed this “nuclear cavity” into which all the building material fell ..this simply isn’t true.
On these pictures here you can see some of the lower parts of North Tower’s core still there, so obviously it didn’t disappear into this “nuclear cavity” as claimed by Khalezov. ... heli1.html

Some of the nuke-theorists also claim that most of the steel beams of the WTC buildings “pulverized” but this isn’t true either. From the photos you can see that most of the structural steel and beams are still there after the collapses.
Also, the North Towers core “spire” didn’t pulverize like it is falsely claimed.
On this video you can see the core remains fall into the dust cloud .. it was not pulverized. What appears to be “pulverized core beams” is actually concrete dust which the beams leave behind when they fall down’s light coloured dust, so it’s actually concrete dust, not pulverized metal.
I also bought the “pulverized core beams” claims till I saw a clear video of it and someone mentioning that the core actually falls and not turn into powder as claimed by some.

THE SPIRE - the closest view

Upload to


Personally I think the Thermite created the fireworks, made the entry point for the plane, and made for good TV, and an underground nuclear device brought down the building, Dimitri Khalezov had some very interesting things to say, and although I didn't agree with much of it, the way the building came down is consistent with the damage an underground nuclear device would do.

nuclear weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and it's important to understand that a nuclear weapon underground only causes an earthquake, since it was covered with debris very little if any radiation would escape. The smallest nuclear weapon is only 23KG in weight... which mean's a man could easily carry two of them... so to say that a bomb can be too small to get a reaction going is simply wrong. Source:

It would be the shockwave from the nuclear device that did the damage, not the hole in the ground under the towers, the building would be so weakened up until the area in the video at the top, which ironically, if the building was brought down by fire... would be the most damaged, is still relatively intact when the building starts to go down. The weight of an intact section of the building resting on the severely weakened area underneath caused the building to collapse, a nuclear bomb could have done this easily, with one shot, but it would have taken an epic amount of Thermite. How long does Thermite remain hot after detonation?

I'm not counting the damn steel girders... but wasn't there steel in the dust found around the towers? Not many things turn steel into dust that I know of. I can imagine the top of the building hitting the ground and scattering steel over quite an area falling from the height it did with no resistance.


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