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strobez wrote:Good post and to the point, i have noticed over the last few years how the tabloids just seem to be getting dumber and dumber, as a result i changed my local tabloid as it was getting ridiclas with 3-5 page spreads on jordan and alex reed, a whole page on sherle cole and another 2 pages on the x factor, the rest of the paper being made up of stories of murder, robbery and rape, i was mistaken for wanting to jump up a peg to the daily express for this is now going the same way as the sun, daily star, and the mirror, its so saddens me to see what people are haveing to read, no good news and if there is its as rare as rocking horse shit, obviously i stopped buying the tabloids and its all about doom and gloom and wanting to dumb us down even more.

in manchester they are giveing out a free newspaper everyday in the city center and u can also get it on most public transport, on many occations they are almost forceing it into peoples hands in the city center, yep sad news is being forced on us, no wonder the world is so fucked up, i was forced to lose my temper with a gye trying to force one on me when i was passing by.

Is anyone else haveing this problem where these things are being forced on u?

Thanks brother.
I should have included my location: USA
I'm pretty sure this condition is a world wide event.
My biggest problem is the blatant disregard for what (I think) should be front page news.
How can the national press put millions of birds and fish dropping dead over night as a
back page story to Charlie Sheen with a hooker and some blow.
When will we start paying attention to things that really matter.
If Einstein was more popular than Elvis, earth would be a different place.
Our world priorities are completely F*cked up!
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