Solar System - Nibiru? Heliocentric vs. Helical motion

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A good video was posted just recently:

I posted a response to the above video, but then decided it would be a good idea to post it for comments! :ugeek:

The spiritual side conveyed in the above video I cannot comment on, as I do not claim to be "spiritually enlightened", however I *can* say that my belief is *understanding* and *knowledge* is a *key* element in existing in *this* reality...thus it ~would~ make sense that *if* there was another reality we experience upon death that *understanding*/*knowledge* very well ~could~ be part of what we might call "enlightenment".
If that is the key to spiritual evolution, then understanding *how our solar system really moves* is part of this process.

The *Spiral Vortex Motion* theories are *CORRECT*...
[Part 1]

Upload to

[Part 2]

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The Sun is always falling towards the center of the Galaxy (black holes at the center).
The planets are *both* falling towards the Sun *AND* are influenced by the *CENTER OF THE GALAXY*.

There are a lot of researchers (present and past) who found "odd deviations" from the "expected" orbital trajectories of our planets... thus always concluding that there *must* be another mass body...

However... if you take the "Spiral Vortex Motion" theory into consideration...
Those "deviations"... all work out... because the planet's motion *very slightly deviates* when they are on the "Center of the Galaxy Relative" side of the Sun as they fall into the Sun's gravity well.

This is two birds with one stone:
Slight Deviation = Spiral Vortex Motion of planets as they are dragged along with the Sun orbiting the Galaxy

No "extra sun" or "planet"... just... the motion model is more complicated than we thought...

Good video... but there are *much* better videos covering this now more commonly accepted motion model of the Solar System...

It just takes the rest of the "partially educated" folks a little while to catch up...
(no offense intended...just saying that some people don't have time to read everything)

So... while another planet *might/could* exist... the deviations detected of larger mass bodies in our solar system are nothing more than the **difference of the motion forward vs motion around***.

(i.e. Sun falling towards Galaxy Center slightly "warps" the Sun's gravity well...which in turn creates slight deviations in orbits)

This should help most people understand our solar system better as well as how a vortex motion model (helical) will add a slight deviation to any solar system's planet's orbital path...

I do not claim to know for sure if there is any other planets on the very outer regions of our solar system, however I do know for sure that this motion model is *more accurate* than that of the traditional Heliocentric motion model.

As such... let the Nibiru/Planet X fans begin to debunk... :)




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