Solid State 800W Free Energy Generator

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Philippine inventor, Ismael Aviso, presents his Motionless Electric Generator (MEG), reporting that it has been powering around 800 Watts of resistive light bulbs while the battery voltage drops very little, which powers the circuit involved in harnessing this radiant energy from the surroundings.Image
We've been doing a lot of reporting lately about the Filipino inventor, Ismael Aviso and his dedicated team, who have a small stripped-down electric car that runs on a single 12-Volt battery that their on-board power system seems to keep topped off at 13 Volts. It's not a robust system yet, but early indications are very promising. The DC motor than runs his vehicle was recently verified by the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) to run at 133% efficiency when hooked up to Aviso's on-board system. I spoke this morning with George Colorado who headed up the DOE team, and I'll be reporting his corroborative comments later once their official report is released hopefully next week, having been delayed.

When fully developed, we're talking about a system here that could enable electric cars to run indefinitely without having to be recharged because the energy is being harvested from the surrounding as the vehicle goes down the road. And that same technology could be configured to power a home or business -- continuously, reliably, and cheaply. We're talking an energy revolution that could provide much-needed morale and economic boost to prevent the world from spinning into the toilet of civil self-destruction.

And this isn't the only such free energy technology that is holding out such amazing hope at this very scary time in world history. There are several others likewise emerging that are looking very good.

Aviso actually has three different, related technologies that he's been working on, that involve the same basic principles that were put to use in the system verified by the Philippine DOE. Another is a "repelling force" that he hopes to configure into an electronic piston arrangement that he thinks could be scaled up to produce power many megawatts of power from a single generator.

The other is what he calls a "MEG", which stands for Motionless Electronic Generator, that he's been working on for a little over a year. It is a solid state system, meaning there are no moving parts. Yesterday, in the story about the headlines Aviso is inspiring, I mentioned that he had reported getting 800 Watts from his MEG system, while the battery that is involved in the array barely dropped in voltage.

In the past few days I've been receiving a series of emails from Aviso about this MEG producing quite a bit of power. First it was 100 Watts while the battery barely went down. Then is was 800 Watts, powering a resistive light bulb array, with the battery going down various small amounts, sometimes seeming to not even diminish at all.

This development puts a whole new realm of hope in the Aviso saga. Development of the MEG makes things so much more simple. Solid state devices are much easier and cheaper to produce than anything that involves moving parts. Put simply, a solid state free energy generator is like a high-power solar panel that is always on -- or which gives you as much electricity as you need, when you need it, regardless of whether the sun is shining.

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Dear acee22,

first take my greetings and good wishes.

This is a nice thing you are writing about! So I have a question. Did you ever find anywhere a blueprint published in the net which is really working? I didn`t, which makes me sad...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
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