Some basic questions on history and wishful thinking...

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I am tought that there is a thing called history.

I am said that I am part of a greater thing and that I have a history as well as the greater thing is undergoing a history.

As far as I experience a time flow of that I call myself I live as a remember being.

As far as I experience a taking part at the greater thing I miss many parts and live as a part time being and a being tought being apart from my own flow experience from what I call myself.

My own history is an affair of my remembering abilities depending from my abilities to think and speak.

A history of myself being part of the greater thing is an affair of being tought and abilities of knowing and researching sources somebody tought me would be there.


Does history mean a setting of persons and happenings being put in a certain pattern according time as students learn in school? History thought as an arrow of time like a straight ruler? Is history a linear time process?

Or does history mean a kind of revelation of certain patterns once in a while or regularily or according certain laws? History thought as a repetition of happenings? Is history a cyclical process?


How many sources must we research in order to construct a valid view? And what, if we have a solid view of something and a certain time, and new sources appear contradicting this very view?


Is it historical in it`s very sense, if we have not many sources and use the tools of analogy and maximum likelihood?

If we hardly know what exactly happened 200 years ago - how can we exactly know what happened 2000 years ago?

And what means "happened"? Is history "happening"? Isn`t it not "unmoving" thought game too? Besides peace and war and many movements - isn`t history also mind and thinking? How can we touch the flow of thinking 200 or 2000 years ago?

I should be not completely wrong stating, that much more of history we call solid is a mix of truth, assumption and wishful thinking...
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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