some reoccuring dreams I think I should share with you

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PostFri Jan 30, 2009 6:01 pm » by Rubysadhu

Hello everyone,

I don't usually take the time to tell people about my dreams as I know it's an extremely subjective and personal experience that doesn't really apply to other people. But I am having reoccuring dreams over the past year. In 2008 - and continuing into 2009 but I guess with a higher frequency.

So I'll keep this brief, and I'll start with most recent. It involves the webbot predictions on Feb 27th - I have had two dreams last week about that date. It was actually more of the number not particularly the month, because I had woke up a few times thinking oh my is it the 27th?

Not much happened this 27th but on a personal level it was a different day than normal. But in my dreams I have been trying to explain what is going to happen on this date to my friends. It happened twice where I am logically trying to explain it.

Something like, "the opposite of the market crash." So whatever the hell that means, the first time explaining it got no where, but the second time my friend responded with (in my dream) "most likely the Chinese will flood the market creating a boom and bust situation." Pretty odd reply.

I am not looking too deeply into that one, but just found it odd. The second reoccurring dream which has been happening for far longer is a battle in the sky. Usually in my home town, where I am usually alone going home and there is a battle in the sky of ships, planes, etc. Not aliens or anything but that is sometimes the underlining feeling.

The first dream that really freaked me out, I was standing in a snowy field and two HUGE american NASA space shuttles slowly pass over me and fly into the distance. It was a very surreal experience. But again there was an underlining feeling of going to battle in the sky.

I'll skip alot of similar dreams and just go into my dream last night. I was in my home town again (I dont live there anymore, havent for past year) and I was looking out an apartment window and noticed a helicopter on fire in the sky.

The noticed more shit happening in the sky.. another sky battle, but when I ran out into the street I see the battle unfold but seeing a HUGE space craft emerge out of no where, like extremely big but right when I seen it I knew right away that THIS IS THE DECEPTION!

A weird feeling, not feeling it was going to kill me, but that this was actually a fake or holographic thing, something that caused mass hesteria among the people in the streets. But I kept telling people no this is a deception, this is the final attempt by the power that be to control us.

I have been reading about 2012 for past 2 years so this is getting deep into my mind that there will be an event taking place that I will be apart of. I have read that the people who are really light beings will survive but phsyically die but ascend or evolve with the earth.

Since I am on the topic of my dreams, another completely off topic dream that I had that I still think about. I was in a old town kind of like Rome with stone buildings, etc but for some reason I had the realization that hey, I'm dreaming now would be a good time to try and call upon someone.

I am a buddhist at heart and first thing I thought was lets call on Buddha. So I said Buddha, and nothing happened, so right away I said Jesus and then EVERYTHING started to shake and in the distance there was light and something forming but I didnt want Jesus, I wanted Buddha and as everything shook I woke up immediately.

I dont know how to take that dream and I never repeated it. I am not against Jesus infact I know with my heart Jesus, Buddha, Allah or any other god come from ONE god.

That is all, thanks for reading and please share you dreams :)

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PostFri Jan 30, 2009 6:31 pm » by Wrathofkahn

That is so messed up! The ONLY nightmare I have is of the exact dream you describe! I actually posted that on a very old forum topic .I will post it again. see if it compares to yours.

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PostFri Jan 30, 2009 8:23 pm » by Dirtyrabbit

if you want to get more from your dream...
while awakening... don't move if you move the dream will fade and you wont remember bits you can go back half awake and find out more and ask questions...
find anyone around you in the dream ask them anything you want........
you might be surprised by the answers you get.
try this next time you dream.
also document all your dreams 'offline diary'. or write it down on paper.
place dates and times you had the dreams.
as they are fresh write everything down.

is there anyone else in your home having odd dreams as well?

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PostFri Jan 30, 2009 8:50 pm » by Unknown360

Like the other guywasaying when u wake up dont move. BUT seeing as how your a buddhist youll understand this. When u wake up STOP and in your head only chant this mantra in your head only. RAOM GAOM (sounds like WRA-OHM GHA-OHM) its a mantra to help you remember dreams. As you chant it youll start to remember more images and it will help you piece together your dream. Another tip is EVERY Morning when u wake up write your dreams(this will sound gay but ive started doing it) keep a dream diary next to you (so you dont have to move much when u wake up) and write down your dreams as best u can and all the ones you can remember. As you go on you will be more aware in your dreams and they will become more vivid and you might be able to see what effect they have throughout your following day.

As for your dream about the 27th of Feb (im not knocking it) but perhaps the reason you kept dreaming about it and hearing possible answers in your dream was because during the day you thought about it so much and so during the night your mind is trying to solve it (thats how we all work). I would like to know where u heard this of the webbot about the 27th because it said the 26th of Jan it wud have a repurcussion or something from the econy collapse of Oct 6th and nothing really happened that day. So not that im turning it down but dont let the webbot get to you.

When I first started with 2012 stuff I started with the whole Planet X nibiru nonsense (first thing i saw) it came to the point where i would have realistic dreams about 2 suns and 1 moon in the sky. What im trying to get here is dont believe your dream 100% because a lot of it is from out imaginations. BUT consider it as a lesson your spirit is trying to teach you. Try looking and acklowdging things in your dream that you might be able to learn from.

You should definitly write these all down & if you could please tell me where you heard the webbot things as well as what you said how people ready for the ascention or w/e will physically die but move on? this is the answer to a question I woke up to which i assumed but i would like to see other evidence :dancing:

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