some tesla files to looksey at

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hi as i said in a thread b4 i had a disk with some tesla stuff on anyway i uploaded the files off the disk minus the videos so you guys could have a look cause im nice like that :)
i dont think theres anything new here if uve looked into him and his things but hey.
some included things:
part lists
some articles

i find some of the patients quite intresting especially the wireless energy ones anyway here you go,
let me know if the link doesnt work and let me know what you think
password is disclose

enjoy :)

ps click free user if u dont have an account

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 7:51 pm » by SamueltheLion

thanks man, downloading.
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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 7:56 pm » by Noetic

only one way to find out if I already have this stuff,thanks for sharing.
patent pending lol

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 8:01 pm » by Smokeydog

btw even tho its my upload and i know theres nothing viruses on there ive scanned it with avg anyway :)

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PostWed Nov 03, 2010 8:12 pm » by Cee420


Did you know that Tesla also invented the so called “ufo”?

“UFOs” are actually man-made and based on invention by Nikola Tesla, which he started developing around 1880’s. But the Rockefellers and Co. stole and concealed this technology and no are “hoaxing” it to be ET-technology.
..i seriously doubt that real aliens are visiting our planet

In these quotes Tesla clearly describes his ‘flying machine’ having ‘anti-gravity abilities’
-It has no wings, no propellers and no gas bags.
-It can be held in the air, completely stationary for long periods of time.
-The craft is not effected by winds or turbulence(holes in the air).
-This “box like” flying machine can be built in to any size, and it can carry any weight desired
by Nikola Tesla -New York Herald Tribune, Oct. 15, 1911 wrote:

“The flying machine of the future—my flying machine—will be heavier than air, but it will not be an aeroplane. It will have no wings. It will be substantial, solid, stable. You cannot have a stable airplane. The gyroscope can never be successfully applied to the airplane, for it would give a stability that would result in the machine being torn to pieces by the wind, just as the unprotected aeroplane on the ground is torn to pieces by a high wind.
“My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of “holes in the air” or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action.”

“You will get stability through gyroscopes?” I asked.

“Through gyroscopic action of my engine, assisted by some devices I am not yet prepared to talk about,” he replied. “Powerful air currents that may be deflected at will, if produced by engines and compressors sufficiently light and powerful, might lift a heavy body off the ground and propel it through the air,” I ventured, wondering if I had grasped the inventor’s secret.
Dr. Tesla smiled an inscrutable smile.
“All I have to say on that point is that my airship will have neither gas bag, wings nor propellers,” he said. “It is the child of my dreams, the product of years of intense and painful toil and research. I am not going to talk about it any further. But whatever my airship may be, here at least is an engine that will do things that no other engine ever has done, and that is something tangible.” .

Excerpt from “My Inventions” Ben Johnston Editor, Chap. VI, last page wrote: “ As stated on a previous occasion, when I was a student at college I conceived a
flying machine quite unlike the present ones. The underlying principle was sound but
could not be carried into practice for want of a prime-mover of sufficiently great activity.
In recent years I have successfully solved this problem and am now planning aerial
machines devoid of sustaining planes, ailerons, propellers, and other external attachments
which will be capable of immense speeds and are very likely to furnish powerful
arguments for peace in the future. Such a machine, sustained and propelled entirely by
reaction, is shown on page 108 (here: second last picture) and is supposed to be
controlled either mechanically or by wireless energy.”

Excerpt from “The boy’s book of new inventions – The Tesla Turbine” 1912: wrote:
“But most of your research has been in electricity,” Tesla was reminded, for no one
can forget that Tesla’s inventions largely have made possible most of the world’s greatest
electrical power developments.
“Yes,” he answered, “but I was a mechanical engineer before I was an electrical
engineer, and besides, this principle was worked on in the course of my search for the
ideal motor for airships, to be used in conjunction with my invention for the wireless
transmission of electrical power. For twenty years I worked on the problem, but I have not
given up. When my plan is perfected the present-day aeroplanes and dirigible balloons will
disappear, and the dangerous sport of aviation, as we know it now with its hundreds of
accidents, and its picturesque birdmen, will give way to safe, seaworthy airships, without
wings or gas bags, but supported and driven by mechanical means.
“As I told you before when we were talking of the wireless transmission of power,
the mechanism will be a development of the principle on which my turbine is constructed.
It will be so tremendously powerful that it will make a veritable rope of air above the great
machine to hold it at any altitude the navigators may choose, and also a rope of air in
front or in the rear to send it forward or backward at almost any speed desired. When that
day comes, airship travel will be as safe and prosaic as travel by railroad train today, and
not much very different, except that there will be no dirt, and it will be much faster. One
will be able to dine in New York, retire in an aero Pullman berth in a closed and perfectly
furnished car, and arise to breakfast in London.”
“And so, while we are waiting for the world-moving wireless transmission of power
and for the completion of Tesla’s invention for the safe and stable airships, we can look for
the speedy development of his turbine in practically all departments of mechanical

On this quote, Nikola Tesla describe his ‘flying machine resembling a ‘gas stove’..

Excerpt from “Man out of Time” by M. Cheney, Chapter 20 “Flying Stove” wrote:
“ When the manager of Westinghouse’s railway and lighting division wrote asking
for details on the turbine, Tesla replied confidently that it was superior to anything in the
competition in terms of extreme lightness and high performance. Indeed, he said, he was
planning to use it in a box-like flivver airplane.
“You should not be at all surprised,” he wrote, “if some day you see me fly from
new York to Colorado Springs in a contrivance which will resemble a gas stove and weigh
as much.” (The plane would weigh only eight hundred pounds and could if necessary
enter and depart through a window.)”

Tesla describing his wingless flying machine that has no propellers (or turbines) which still can be built to any size and which can carry any load possible

Excerpt from “Tesla Promises Big Things - Planeless, screwless air-ship safe in any storm” Sept.
15, 1911: wrote:

“Dr. Nikola Tesla leaned back against his chair at the Waldorff last night and talked
calmly of airships without planes, propellers or any of the other gear of the now familiar
aeroplanes hurtling through space at tremendous speeds or driving more slowly carrying
great loads, and in either case always as safely as the most prosaic of wheeled vehicles.”
“How about aerial navigation?” Dr. Tesla was asked. He considered for a moment
or two and then replied with great deliberation:
“The application of this principle will give the world a flying machine unlike anything
that has ever been suggested before. It will have no planes, no screw propellers or
devices of any kind hitherto used. It will be small and compact, excessively swift, and,
above all, perfectly safe in the greatest storm. It can be built of any size and can carry any
weight that may be desired”

All quotes, and more about his ‘electric-flying machine’ are on this pdf:
Tesla’s (real) Flying Machine

Here are few good info-links to the priciples of ”Ether (aether) physics” and Tesla’s anti-gravity-technology
PowerPedia:Tesla's Flying Machine

PowerPedia:Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity ... of_Gravity

Studio interviews with William Lyne, author of Tesla-ufo books
Hitler's Secret Flying Saucers - William Lyne 2004 ... g+saucers#

Nazi Ufos How They Fly The German Tesla Anti-Gravity And Free Energy Program -William Lyne

Few pdf-books on the subjects of “Ether physics” and on Nikola Tesla’s ‘flying machine’.
You can also find these books in paper form at and other internet bookshops.

Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It – William Lyne ... hysics.pdf

Pentagon Aliens –William Lyne ... iam-R-Lyne


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yeh that article about the machine is in the pack :)

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