something not quite right bin laden dead ?

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PostTue May 03, 2011 10:59 am » by Pavmas

I was ready to believe it, then I found postings from the 25th april saying that if obama was captured a nuclear device would be set off in Europe.
One week later he is dead.

Then I saw a picture of Obama and clinton in a room with about 10 other people, Clinton like the rest had laptops on the desk but nothing on clintons screen' just a blank screen, it looked set up to me.

Then Adolf hitler died 1st May the same as Bin Laden and no one has saw either body.

Then UK, Australia, Germany etc etc all call out with the same statement word for word.

Prince Willam and Kate were married on the same date as Hitler and Eva Braun and we know that prince Philip is a Nazi.

I read something a few years back concerning Blair and May 1st I will have to look that up.

If something does happen in Europe I bet you it will be Italy.

And that will fall in with the pope leaving the vatican in prediction last pope etc.

I think this is all set up as a self fulfilling prophecy, why I dont know.

It could be to concentrate peoples mind on bible end time predictions and just a distraction but to what I dont know.

What dont they want us to know.

They are creating this end time scenario for a reason, I just have not found it yet but one thing Im sure of is that all that is happening is just a distraction.


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