Sources of understanding: Friedrich Nietzsche

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PostThu May 06, 2010 10:52 pm » by Knurrebusk

Thank´s for posting all these links, reminded me of all I´ve forgotten :)

The balance between the power of many individs competing against eachother, and agreeing on a common coal, is true unselfishness without sacrificeing the individual urge to leave all others behind in the dust.

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PostFri May 07, 2010 12:35 am » by Knurrebusk

I´m bipolar in a perhaps non Nietzsche direction, but my very fast juggeling of mind is perhaps an insight to us all.

This is why I´m very lousy at violence, before it was almost a struggle not to snap.
Later years has made me realise it´s smarter to relax, if no way out I´ll kill, but most of the time there is a way out.

Been told by a Hindi priest that it´s my mission in life not to kill, I almost got manic on him, the right one to tell, they are tough bastards.

But he somehow got to my bone, so here I am left helpless.
He knew it would draw me to nice people, that I know, unvillingly.

So I will end up more happy, I´m just not trusting myself with people who mistreats anything without remorse.


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