Spiritual Warfare: Game On!

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PostSat Apr 21, 2012 11:47 pm » by Newearthman

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Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 5:41PM
Anyone who follows this blog, or blogs from Sarah Stanga, Anya Briggs, or Duncan O'Finioan knows that ex-project subjects ("super soldiers", or whatever) are being assaulted physically, electronically, and astrally. I have reports from a dozen people who are enduring horrific attacks on a daily basis. Add to that the amplified Earth energetics and the heightened activity by DESPERATE cabal overlords and we have before us a PERFECT STORM.

Not only are these ex-project defectors being assaulted, but they are turning on each other in some cases. What most people do not know (and in some cases, even the subjects themselves) is that programming was installed in mind control operatives that makes them hostile to the "others" who are not directly in the "command and control" level of their personality alters. Translated that means: they are hard-wired to attack (even kill) another!

This NOT, I repeat, NOT just a "super soldier" problem. Everyone on the planet has been dosed with heavy metal nanoids as result of the global "aerosol" projects called "chemtrails". Do not think for one second that YOU are not "mind controlled", or are exempt from the toxic infiltration on Earth of black energies. This is not just a problem for ex-CIA black operatives---this is a problem for HUMANS---we have been "terra-formed"!

If we do not recognize the problem, if we simply dismiss the overwhelming evidence of the above statements, and we simply WAIT for someone else to rescue us, or worse, if we act in the same manner as the reptoid overlords, then "THEY" have won! It is either "game over" or "game on!"

I assume that the people who follow this blog and my radio shows are SPIRITUAL people. I also assume that you are a cut above the media-fed masses, who still practice religion, watch mainstream media, and continue to FEED the cabal's global stranglehold by acting like CATTLE. I assume that you also are proactive and will now begin to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER---are we on the same page?


As spiritual people (and YOU get to define that...we do not follow or prescribe dogma), there is a way out of the oscillating EMP fields (like HAARP---you did your homework on this, didn't you?) and black magic spells woven over this planetary matrix. There is a Higher Power (Force, ONE-ness, or Creator) which, if properly engaged, can not only withstand, but overthrow their designs. This is where you---me---everyone reading this (and PLEASE circulate this post wherever you can) get to TAKE BACK OUR POWER! We are all creators, we are all part of the Universal ONE-nes...the "I AM"), and we are each potentially "LIght Warriors" (that is a real term, not some nice jargon wielded by weak, ineffectual wanna-bes). Ascension is 100% voluntary---ride the tiger, or be eaten by the lizards. Khris Neal at the Clandestine Rage site has posted the (below) notice of HOW we can now become proactive. It's your choice: Do something, or Be Nothing.


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