Stalin was a crazy scientist

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PostTue Jun 23, 2009 6:29 pm » by Crato

At one point under Stalin's regime (I think in the mid-1920s) a scientist (I believe Dr. Ivanov) started working on a project to create a half-man, half-monkey army (thereby combining some of the strength of an ape with enough of the human intelligence and discipline to be soldiers) by impregnating a woman with ape semen. Stalin would have been against this kind of work, but the Soviet Union was employing so many scientist on so many crazy ideas at that point that it was impossible to keep tabs on all of them. It was too difficult to impregnate female apes with human semen and the project did receive one or two female human volunteers for the project, but they ran out of funding before they could get any concrete results.

I guess the best way to test this would be to artificially inseminate a human woman's eggs with ape semen (I believe Chimpanzees are most closely related) and an ape's eggs with human semen, and if a zygote is achieved as a result, then the myth is confirmed (though that would probably be as far as you would take it, no one's suggesting that you actually go as far as to create a half-man, half-monkey.. It depends on how far apart the species are genetically. There is no hard line draw that separates species, evolution is a slow change from one species to another. That is why lions and tigers can interbreed. So can horses and donkeys. Humans and apes have different number of chromosomes, but even that is not an unbeatable obstacle. Some of the horse family interbreeding still comes about with different chromosome number between the two parents. I know in people we have one joined chromosome where apes have two separate ones. Perhaps when horses interbreed the join is broken. Anyway, it seems that, if Stalin actually did do his experimentation, humans and apes are too far separated genetically to interbreed. This is a good thing since if anyone ever did succeed at this sort of an experiment the offspring would pose an exceedingly knotty problem.

Whats your take on this?

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PostTue Jun 23, 2009 6:58 pm » by Drextin

I think the trick is to make that first hybrid in the lab. Once you do that then it should be able to reproduce now with which ever species was programmed to be the dominant factor in the genes. So if you could combine an ape and human in the lab grow it to adulthood it should be able to mate with humans from there on out. Of course that process would mean a watering down from the original concept species.
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