Starchild Super-Human Aluminum Levels

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Starchild Super-Human Aluminum Levels

Mineral Analysis


In 2003 the bone of the Starchild Skull was tested using Mass Spectrometry, a technology that bounces lasers off the bone and by measuring the laser reflections is able to tell what minerals are present in what amounts. The test was conducted "under the table" at the Royal Holloway Institute (part of Cambridge) in the UK. The normal human skull found with the Starchild was also tested to act as a control, and it yielded typical results. The Starchild Skull, however, revealed extremely high levels of Aluminium, a substance toxic to humans at such levels, as well as irregular levels of other minerals.
Bone of the Starchild Skull compared to a normal human skull

At the time, Dr. Ken Pye (no relation to Lloyd Pye) suggested that the Aluminium level could be the result of residue from the blade used to cut the bone. The blade was a standard rotary Dremel blade, and these are often rinsed in Aluminium as part of the production process. The human bone was cut with the same brand of blade (a new blade is used for each sample) and did not exhibit the same Aluminium spike, but it is possible that one blade had more contamination than the other, and we had no way to rule it out. As such, the result has been left in doubt until testing can be repeated.

If future testing yields the same Aluminium result, this would be a breakthrough. Human bone simply does contain Aluminium at these levels, and in fact Aluminium at even low levels is fatal. Aluminium is useless to humans, our body has no need for it, and in fact it is thought to impair proper absorption of other minerals. There are medical cases where humans have too much Aluminium in their bodies, and it is accumulated in the bones (a notable case was in the UK in the 1970s when dialysis patients were being treated using water too high in Aluminium), but a human would die before levels of the metal reached anywhere near the levels found in the Starchild Skull.

The Starchild Project hopes that a new round of testing in 2014 will solve this mystery. ... alysis-sem



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Isn't Paul Stanley from KISS A.K.A "Starchild"? And wouldnt it make sense he'd have more aluminum, after all most of their earlier costumes consisted of Aluminum foil? :)
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