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PostMon Dec 14, 2009 7:57 pm » by Savwafair2012

A simple plan to get change:

Deprive banking and other financial businesses of the income they gain from credit and debit card services, fees, penalties and interest.

By taking a simple action:

Use Cash instead of credit and debit cards.

Feel good about it. You'll be sending a message by using cash

Big Banking is out of control. Many corporate financial institutions, considered too big to fail, received a share of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money. To thank us, they are hiking interest rates on existing credit card debt, lowering and cancelling small business credit lines, and imposing more and higher fees and penalties with impunity.

As taxpayers, workers, citizens and merchants we can fight back. Not with letters to the editor nor with calls to our government representatives. There is an easy, immediate and direct path toward banking and monetary reform that benefits people, not corporations, through everyday transactions in the marketplace.

Use cash.

Today, one of the biggest moneymakers for Big Banking is cash substitution services: credit and debit cards.

Users of debit and credit cards pay for the convenience these cards provide through fees, penalties and interest.

Merchants pay fees that average about $3.50 on every hundred dollars, plus the cost of those days they wait to be reimbursed by the banks.

It’s this simple, the more times we use cash instead of plastic we will be wielding the power of the market to deprive banks and financial institutions of the profits that purchase the influence and power that has corrupted our financial and monetary system.

Together we can change the balance of power by doing just two things:

Use Cash instead of plastic.

Enlist others to do the same with simple actions.
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PostMon Dec 14, 2009 8:19 pm » by Samkenman

Every bank I have ever done buisness with has screwed me in one way or another...

I have been dealing in only cash for nearly a decade now, and I tell everyone I can to do the same.

Go see for yourself....

1. Deposite $500 in a bank of your choice. Checking account, with an ATM card.
2. Now use that card to buy stuff.
3. Keep an actual record of how much you spend.
4. When it is all spent, close the account.
6. Calculate how much the bank charged you to access your own money.

ATM fees, ckeck fees, cash advance fees...ect...ect....ect....

The result will shock will be close to 10%....if not more!!!!!

So you just gave a bank $50 for nothing
Take it easy...and if its easy...take it twice!!

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