State of Missouri Nuclear Plant

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State of Missouri Nuclear Event
A hydrogen gas leak in the turbine building led to the declaration of an “Unusual Event” at AmerenUE's Callaway Nuclear Plant Thursday morning. According to an Ameren press release, the unusual event - defined as “a relatively minor occurrence at a nuclear power plant that could reduce the overall level of safety” - was declared from 10:21-11:15 a.m. due to “flammable gas detected in amounts that adversely affected plant operations.” The building was evacuated as a precaution and the warning was lifted once testing indicated the hydrogen level had declined. The source of the leak still is under investigation. According to the release, there was no release of radioactivity to the environment above normal operating limits and there was no danger to plant workers or area residents. Operators had shut down the plant earlier Thursday to replace power supply to certain plant controls. Ameren officials said all appropriate federal, state and local agencies were notified of the incident. According to the release, an unusual event is the least significant of four emergency classifications established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. ) ... 0&lang=eng
also see ... news03.txt

Another reactor down at plant in Alabama
Friday, February 20, 2009
Birmingham —- Mechanical problems forced the second shutdown of a reactor at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in three days, but regulators said Thursday the mishaps aren’t a sign of more serious trouble for the Tennessee Valley Authority.
The plant’s Unit 1 shut down automatically early Wednesday because of a problem with fans that are used to cool the electrical connection that links the plant to the power grid. Operators had to manually shut down Unit 2 on Monday because of another problem with cooling water in an electric turbine.
TVA said the two problems are not related, and a spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the back-to-back problems were “totally coincidental.” ... e0220.html

Pipe leaking radioactive water
February 20, 2009
BUCHANAN - Indian Point 2 has sprung a new leak of radioactive water that may force company officials to shut down the nuclear reactor to repair a cracked pipe about 8 feet below ground.
The 8-inch pipe is leaking about 18 gallons of tritium and water a minute, and workers at the plant have been digging since early Monday morning, when water showed up near a manhole cover, regulators and plant officials confirmed to The Journal News.
The leaking pipe connects to a tank that stores condensation from steam generators used to turn turbines that produce electricity.
The pipe is not on the nuclear reactor side of the operation, so concentrations of radioactive tritium are about 2,000 picocuries per liter, a tenth of federally allowable maximum levels for safe drinking water.

BRATTLEBORO – Entergy Nuclear may have to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant to fix the persistent leak of radioactive water in the reactor's clean-out system.
February 18, 2009
Robert Williams, spokesman for Entergy Nuclear, said Tuesday plant engineers, along with specialists hired by the company, would be talking about the valve leak later this week to discuss another approach to solving the problem.
Shutting the reactor down to fix the problem "is always an option," he said.
The leak was discovered in late December and at first estimated at 2.5 gallons a minute by the company, but the leak's flow has been reduced through the various fixes that Entergy has attempted. While the Nuclear Regulatory Commission estimated this week that the leak has been reduced to one-tenth of a gallon per minute, Williams said he couldn't confirm that number. ... 0/events02

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