Stop posting fake or already posted video!!!

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 1:00 am » by Saturnv

punx m8 thats disclose tv mosta the posters on here know real from fake people (some) been here a long time so you gotta seperate the wheat from the chaff m8 that comes with experince NOT silly wee boys with there own ideas if you had a experince we waitin to hear it ...WELL dont be shy we aww nuts in here pmsl !! peace bhappy !!

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 5:04 am » by Hesop

The video section has been brought up in these forums many times, but, they are also separate. Many people that upload videos never see the forum section, and many people regulars in the forums rarely take much time in the video section.

Alas, Lukas, we have a conundrum.

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 2:59 pm » by Wrathofkahn

gridkeeper wrote:
disclosetv wrote:Hi punxterror aka caino,

This is a very good point and the forum is certainly a way to improve the overall quality on!

However, it is up to the members of to flag and debunk certain videos, photos, podcasts or forum posting. In order to facilitate the process we just opened another forum: Hoaxes, Disinfo & Skunk Works.

Once an uploaded video, photo, podcast or forum posting is analyzed and clearly debunked by members of in this forum (just stating it was proven a hoax on another website is certainly not enough) our admins will delete or move it to the "Hoaxes & Disinfo" channel of the concerned media type or to the "Hoaxes, Disinfo & Skunk Works" forum. Forum Admin

That's good to know as many people claim my videos are fake because someone said so at abovetopsecret although I do see that there is a thread here regarding John Lenard Walson in the hoax section of this forum. Should it not be there as it has not been debated properly on this forum jsy claims of ats? thanks.

Are you the real gridkeeper? I assume you must be with the Walson reference. I would just like to say that as far as I am concerned, your videos have not even been close to debunked! Get us some more man (unless you admit now that they are fake)!

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 3:03 pm » by domdabears

Out of the thousands of threads, this is the first sticky thread made by a member.

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 5:02 pm » by Torofamily

savwafair2012 wrote:People bring their vid's here to be analyzed. Up and down in and out. I want these mind's to disifer the truth from the sheeet. No where eles will you get this great insight. Hey I'm sorry if you hate watching the Video's and geting all hot linking all your buddies then come to fnd out in a day or two it was a fake.
The truth will be reviled you just need to start listening. :flop:

:flop: :flop: :flop: :flop:
I second that.
I dont think people come here to intentionally mislead. i think its lack of experience. The people with 2000, 3000 plus post have probably been around a while and have had time and help to discover the truth. The new people here are seeking the the truth. Maybe part of the problem is that there is not a lot of tolerance from the more experience members. I think the baiting and bickering are far worse. Help share the truth.

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 5:27 pm » by Torofamily

domdabears points out,
Out of the thousands of threads, this is the first sticky thread made by a member.

concrete says,

I dont get it.

You joined ages ago. Made 5 posts, in the forum, and yet you claim to have the right to dictate?

Ummm :headscratch:

toro says,
good point guys :flop:

i want a sticky post too now :hell: :mrgreen:

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PostFri Oct 16, 2009 5:32 pm » by Itofts

What I don't understand is how someone can say the blatent BS that the op posted.
Sometimes people don't have the luxery of spending time searching through videos & threads to see if something has already been proven fake or pre-posted.
Most of us are family men/women, work full time etc
I don't often post videos , but when I do .. I do it for those who may find them interesting whether they've seen them 100 or 0 times.
Chill dude, this place can be as helpful as you need it to be if you relax

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PostTue Aug 10, 2010 7:33 am » by Bpeirce2

lolwtf wrote:I wish some of the vidoes were in higher quality, but then again people in hell want icewater! :sunny:

Ice water? Peel an onion! That will make your eyes water! HAHAHA LAMOJ :alien51:

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PostThu Feb 03, 2011 3:58 am » by Nchourot

I just wan't to stress here that I'm fed up with this recurrent Jerusalem fake UFO videos!!!


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