Stop Spain granting citizenship right and left!

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PostWed Feb 19, 2014 2:48 pm » by Nystrom

First they were Sephardi Jews who were victims of the Reconquista (f*ck my brain! they will pay war-reparations to veterans of Neanderthal wars soon!). Now "descendants of Muslims expelled from Spain" want the same treatment. What would they do when refused I wonder? I remember that horror in Melilla in the beginning of the year when they considered themselves deprived extra job. And what to do with newly 'Spanish citizens' spreading over EU? In Dortmund (Germany) where I am I know at least a dozen Spanish immigrants who are in fact Northern African Muslims living from kids' money allowances and a part-time job of their elder children. Just imagine when thousands of such Muslim freeloads coming from Spain. And no EUROSUR would defend us from those parasites sucking our blood and already called Germans at the same time.
Stop Spanish citizenship madness. Watch your borders and respecting your rights thoroughly.
EU without Muslim POS!

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PostWed Feb 19, 2014 3:53 pm » by Neversaydie

Fuck me mate, you should try living in the U.K. this shit has been going on for years. :bang;
Remember this day and prepare yourselves for it is a time of great revealing.
For when it arrives, mankind will finally know the truth about everything.


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