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The following Story is real, as i am the person affected in it.
You can believe or not believe. And you can think what you will.
Don't expect evidence of any kind, as this one comes completely from my memories.
I want to encourage everyone who reads this to post his / her experiences of the weird kind too,
so feel free to post!!! Let me read all yer yarn! :!:
AND i wanna state too that i'm a totally sane person. :banana:

It was at the age of 16 - shortly after my birthday. It was a moonlit night breaking through my window and it illuminated nearly the half of my room. At about 2 or 3 in the morning i suddenly woke up. I never did that before, so i wondered at first. No nightmare, no nothing. My sight started wandering... from my window to the commode passing by the tv in the corner, then comes my bookshelf... No wait, what's that between the tv and the bookshelf? Is there somebody standing? Where is the spot of white wall i usually used to see where it's blackened now? Oh sh... There must have been somebody in my room and i remained calm - or paralyzed - watching the "shadow" a bit closer. I recognized a form to the being that was standing there across the room. It seemed to be a tall man with a coat and hat - just like my grandpa used to wear. He died when i was 8 years old.
I tried to turn on my bedside lamp quick and quietly to maybe see a bit more - Click - Lights on - Shadow vanished... You may now think - "Fo sure, cause you are telling fairy tales!" - but now read this!
As i turned the light back off and after waiting a few moments to having my eyes relaxed... i could spot the white wall between the tv and bookshelf again. No dark figure standing there anymore. Gone.
It was quite weird, because i could fall back asleep without any problems. Had a tight sleep the rest of the night.

Two years later... at the age of 18 the whole story repeated itself.
Moonlit night. Sudden awakening. Dark man or figure standing there again.
But that time was somehow different. I was staying totally calm again, but with a deep relaxation that took all the fright away i had the first time. I remember myself having watched him for nearly an hour. He seemed he had swung his arms while standing there. Then i wasn't able to keep my eyes open any longer and fell asleep. A deep sleep. When i woke up at day everything was normal again.

Some weeks later my granny was visiting us. As she saw me - the first thing she said was: "You're resembling your grandfather more and more. Look at you!

Now i started combining things... The last time i've seen him alive was a very sad moment, i can remember. My mum and grandma told me that my grandpa was very ill. And i was a kid fearing every kind of sickness or illness and refused to hug him goodbye. I remember his sad eyes... They haunt my memories of him. Still today.
I also haven't been at his burial, cause my parents didn't want me to see it happen.

A long time passed by where nothing happened... but then again...
At the age of 28, living in the old apartment of my grandparents, i experienced another very weird thing. I was sleeping in my bed, when i suddenly woke up because i heard HEAVY footsteps directly beneath my bed. It was like some tall man was wearing boots with a massive sole. The noise stopped at my bed. I felt like someone was watching me and i was shivering.

Until today there are certain nights where strange things are happening. Weird noises coming out of cabinets, tiny shadows darting over furniture and behind it, certain electrical devices suddenly rebooting at times and so on. But it's really comfy here... it's a big apartment and i won't leave.

Now what's your story? What happened to you? :geek:

Regards! :cheers:
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