Strange alignment of Osama-related stories suggest an event?

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PostThu May 12, 2011 12:06 am » by Rydher

This is right up the alley of most here. Even I admit that this whole middle east uprisings, demands of a Palestinian state, war on terror, OBL kill, etc seems to be pushing the world in a general direction. This Youtube video is suggesting some kind of Anthrax attack and outlines a few news stories that make it a plausible theory.

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PostThu May 12, 2011 12:55 am » by Kaarmaa

I read this theory on a blog and it makes me think...

"In the defunct television series Jericho, a psychopathic and unpopular government wants to change the world by blowing up several major U.S. cities with nuclear bombs.
In my article on the death of bin Laden, I mentioned two articles published in the week before the death of bin Laden, one on Wikileaks and CBS Chicago. One CBS headline this: "Al-Qaeda has planted 160 nuclear bombs across the United States. " And Wikileaks published a document stating that government secrecy if bin Laden was captured or killed, Al Qaeda would produce a nuclear hell storm on the west. We also learn that Al Qaeda have a nuclear bomb implanted in Europe.
Now watch the first few minutes of this episode of Jericho below (it's season 1, Ep 12 ), it's amazing. It brings to mind the issue of the series The Lone Gunman which detailed the whole plot of 9 / 11. I think they are well capable of blowing up their cities to create a police state. They say in the American media that Al Qaeda will blow up trains, highways, shopping malls, etc. ... the government will be around to suspect and search everybody in case. You see where that leads!? Alerts on mobile (cell), in Walmart alerts, alerts in radio, TV Alerts, Closing Internet, this is already in place or about to be."

I wish i had watched this serie, only saw a few episodes, not the beginning neither the end.
But this guy might be onto something, like you said, it's an strange alignement. I won't be surprised if something big happens just before the US elections, just to make sure the obama show goes on...

Here's the link to the blog (in french, sorry :) )

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