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PostSat Jun 02, 2012 5:01 pm » by Bulldog777

Hello. First off I am a born again Christian and would not lie at all. I have posted here a few times. I had a strange dream the other night. The dream I had was of me in other lifes. It was like I was being shown something. I say that because in the dreams, it was me in first person, it was the same me but everything was not the same. In all of them my whole life was different. In one I was a very rich person, had a big house only a rich person could afford, alot of rich people toys, ect.. In another part of the dream was just about the same as I am now but the people in my life were different. In another it was about the same also but the people around me were different, for instance, I have a very rich cousin but in the dream I saw him as a what you would say average, he was like a farmer or something. I remember him just as if he did not have all the money he has now in that dream. In another my dad was still alive, he has been gone for three years. In another my brother was living a good life, he reality he struggles with worldly temptations and has lost about everything in his life the should be important to him. Very very strange dream in which I was living all these different lifes. Everything was first person. I would be in one living then it was like I would go to another and see all these things that were not the same, then go to another and see ect.. In all of them though I still lived in the same spot and had the same family. In all of them though it was different. Big house, small house, family that has money now may not have it in the dream, family that has not made anything out of there life had made something of there life, can not remember but I think I may have had a different wife in one of them that part was a little hard to see. I wish I could remember all of the dream. I think I remember about four or five but they may have been more. Pretty crazy. What do you think?

One more thing.
Jesus died for you. Will you live for Him? He gave it all so that someday we can all go to Heaven. God Loves You. Jesus died for you. Please accept Jesus in your life. Just try it. You will be happy you did. You can count on that. Just wanted to plant a seed.
Good days all and God Bless!

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PostSat Jun 02, 2012 11:39 pm » by Mushroom

Probably just a strange dream.

Doesn't christianity teach us that we only have one life before our soul is judged. We then get to live in eternal bliss in heaven, or get damned to hell. There is no reincarnation in this equation as far as I can see...... Probably just a strange dream.
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