Strange Humming Sound

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PostFri Dec 28, 2012 11:37 pm » by ZetaRediculous

Have you got a de-esser, that might be enough to filter out some of the white noise, then normalize the resulting audio, it might give a clearer reading.

The original sourced audio would be better for this altough I don't know if AMR compresses like MP3. The best solution would be an omnidirectional mic paired to a device that records straight to WAV, recorded at source.

Going to have to remain an unknown....
Thanks for trying Chaindrive...
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PostSat Dec 29, 2012 1:29 am » by CnReDaGaIn

Cia212 wrote:I have family in Bowling Green, they report nothing. But your recording sounds like a normal diesel engine.

The recording i s 18 sec. of what was humming all evening. Besides that, I have lived near interstates before and it was deff not traffic or a diesel truck but I see your comparison to the two.

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PostSat Dec 29, 2012 2:14 am » by CnReDaGaIn

I am going to invest in some recording equipment and a couple programs to get a better analysis of this sound....if it occurs again. I had been hearing about reports elsewhere about strange sounds coming from sky or ground but only thought of it as a hoax, now i'm not quite sure.The recording did'nt do the sound much justice but it was coming from outside and i heard it more inside kinda like being in a box when a vibration occurs and you hear it more in the box because of the acoustics. I have also noticed subtle Shaking for the past couple months, not nothing big just small tremors that last a couple seconds. I been living here for 7 years and never heard that sound til today. Thankx to all for your input, and evaluation. :wink:

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PostSat Dec 29, 2012 3:46 pm » by Scouser012

I used to hear the weird humming noises before it was cool! :D

About 2 years ago, used to hear it everynight between midnight and early morning, used to sound like there was a high powered fan above me or something.


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