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I ran across this article on (a Dutch site).

It looks intriguing, but the translation is incoherently lame:


Strange color spot at Weifang night sky

October 10 on the evening 8 pm to around 9:40 in the night sky in Weifang City, the emergence of a strange and beautiful color radial spot, many people view of this magical scene. Well-known amateur astronomers Mr. Qin Guoming campus shooting in Weifang Party under this spectacle.

According to Mr. Qin Guoming introduced the evening of 10 he began night 8:30 to 9:42 evening about an hour of time, continuous shooting of hundreds of photos on this sight record of this strange phenomenon. Mr. Qin Guoming from this group of photos taken of view, this group as a whole oval-shaped spot color, shape, bloom like a fireworks instantaneous solidification of the spot, colorful, red, blue dominated. Spot was significantly higher than the clouds float by its effects and does not have thin enveloped, the spot a little dark, the shape change; clouds drift away, the spot in a dark sky is more bright and vivid. According to Mr. Qin Guoming introduced the evening around 9 pm, spot light began to darken, gradually reduce the number of the evening 9:42 spot almost disappeared.

Mr. Qin Guoming said it was studying in Weifang in the same for astronomy enthusiasts a yellow Yu Wei classmates, called to tell him the sky had a strange scene. It is assumed that the time should be spot there that night around 8 pm.


I tried another online translator and got this:

Reporter Wang Lin
   Newspaper on October 11 news on October 10 evening 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock 40 minutes about, appears one kind in the Weifang nighttime sky strange and the beautiful colored radiated facula, very many residents watch to this mysterious picture.National well-known astronomy amateur Mr. Qin Guoming the photography has gotten down this marvelous sight in the Weifang party school campus.
  According to Mr. Qin Guoming introduced that, on 10th evening, he starts no later than in 9 o'clock 42 minute approximately hour time from the late 8 o'clock 30 minutes, has photographed on hundred continuously about this picture picture, has recorded this strange phenomenon.This group of picture photographs which from Mr. Qin Guoming looked that, this group colored facula whole assumes the ellipse, the shape fireworks blooms likely the instantaneous coagulation facula, the color variegated, by red, blue color primarily.The facula is higher than the cloud layer obviously also is not fluttered it the influence, has when the thin cloud covers, the facula is slightly dark, the shape is invariable; The cloud layer flutters is in luck, the facula is brighter brightly in the dark sky.According to Mr. Qin Guoming introduced that, about late 9 o'clock starts, facula brightness starts to change dark, quantity reduces gradually, the late 9 o'clock 42 minute faculae vanish nearly.
   Mr. Qin Guoming said that, is the study in Weifang in the one similarly for astronomy amateur's yellow sunshine Wei schoolmate, telephones tells him the space to have the strange picture.According to the extrapolation, the time which the facula appears should for that very evening 8 o'clock about.

Anybody heard about this?
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