Strike in the French West Indies

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I would like to share this with you because I live in Martinique (French West Indies) and I noticed that there is almost no information on english Google about it.This is the only text worth something :

It was written saturday 21 February 2009 and the strike has turned to Riot here!
In the last 48 hours over 40 stores have been plundered, over 50 people (young unemployed stoned and drunk pseudo badmotherfuckers) were arrested and tonight we were asked to stay at our home after 7 pm if we have no emergency... :help:

We got police (3 different kinds) and military on the streets, some areas are closed.

Tonight the TVnews said that things could get worse over the night...

Little message for an other board : this is one of those days I would prefer being enslaved by some realy ugly and bad aliens than being governed by those brainless politicians!

:hugging: and sorry for the bad english, I do my best ;)

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