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Hello everyone. We have begun phase two of our effort to reveal that structures on the Moon really do exist. Since we can't fly up there and check them out ourselves, we can only use remote sensing techniques - in this case, geometric analysis of the objects found in the photographs.

In the second image below, we straightened out the perspective of one of our finds to create an overhead view. What we are looking for is clear evidence of intentional design. If the Moon is nothing but billions of years of potholes and fractured crust, then we should never find objects, especially large, displaying both symmetry and Golden Ratios (reserved to biology). We might find examples of this with small rocks that have been knocked around by meteor impacts, but not on the scale of shopping malls and airports.

If the Moon doesn't have an atmosphere (or next to nothing) and hasn't been geologically 'active' for billions of years, then our lunar cousin should show only the signs of it's simple soil being blasted away for millennia. The Moon should look like a rock we keep shooting with a shotgun over and over again, for 50,000,000 consecutive 60 year lifespans.

Here is an aerial photo of what World War II carpet bombing does to our landscape and any built objects in the vicinity:

And here is the first pass at geometric analysis of the ULO found on pages 66-67. Regardless of the scale of the object or how much the image is distorted, the symmetry and proportions of the elements - how they relate to each other - is what is important to realize that this object was not created out of random, but that it may in fact be a prime example of ancient ruins on the Moon.

I look forward to your comments.
Allan Sturm
Lunomaly Research Group

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