Suge knight killed biggie,PAC and his girlfriend!!!

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zaff4444 wrote:
eyesee wrote:Biggie was the best Rapper of our generation, he is sorely missed but his music lives on.
2pac , some of his music was great but he got too political and his music lost impact, his acting was great in the few films he did, i recommended his autobiography as it's a good read.

2pac realised later on in his life,that he was being played by the illuminati masters,so when he went politacally he was awake-biggie on the other hand was a sheeple like you,but great rapper.
To the op,i agree that suge knight got 2pac and biggie murdered,btw suge knight=illuminati puppet.

^^ this sums up my feelings.

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PostTue May 08, 2012 5:07 pm » by Kinninigan

"On August 27, 2008, Knight was arrested on drug and aggravated assault charges after leaving a Las Vegas strip club. When police arrived on the scene, Knight was beating his girlfriend of three years and brandishing a knife. Reports also allege that he was under the influence of both ecstasy and hydrocodone."

The club drug "ecstasy" does not make people violent, as an ex-rave dj I can speak with 100% confidence on this. Suge Knight is a women beating money hungry murdering piece of shit :vomit:

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