Sun Gazing-seventh month assesment

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 3:31 pm » by Baboogdi

A few months ago I posted that I had begun the practice of sun-gazing. It is a controversial practice and I'm sure there is more suspicion than real life acceptance or involvement. It has been approximately 7 months now that I have been performing the protocol and I figured I'd give a short summary of my impressions.
I'm not sure why I decided to try this but there are many things I try with no real understanding of what drives me. I know, however, that usually when I decide to try something that, by most, is considered a part of the 'fringe' that I come out better than when I began. So it is with sun-gazing.
Let me first state that I neither recommend that others try it or avoid it. That decision is up to the individual. I think this approach is shared by most that perform the protocol out of fear that they may be responsible for others harming their eyes.
I'm up to the 34 minute mark now and should complete the full program in a couple of months. I adhered to the HRM protocol closely and I believe this is the most common approach.
Beginning with a 10 second session and increasing the exposure by 10 seconds each day I've found my tolerance increased smoothly and I've experienced no adverse side effects. I have had no symptoms of vision deterioration and conversely my vision seems to have improved. I no longer wear my glasses with no problems to date. I have no problems being able to comfortably gaze without squinting. I look forward to being able to get out at sunrise with coffee and Pandora and slipping into a semi-meditative state.
I've noticed that, psychologically speaking, the sun has taken on a persona of its own and has become almost a living entity to me. I've developed a connection to it and have begun to feel as if it is a vital, living force in my daily routine. I no longer wear sunglasses, enjoying the random daily exposure unhindered.
Physically I feel great. It feels like all the systems of my body are functioning as they should. I've lost weight without trying. One controversial claim of proponents, that of losing the need to eat, seems to be a very real phenomenon. I have no real desire to give up food but I have noticed my appetite is waning. I don't get as hungry as I used to and feel no adverse side-effects as a result.
To me, however, the change that is most profound is that through the later phases of the of the process I've begun to feel more connected to something grander. Sitting with bare feet against the earth and gazing at the sun I feel almost as if I am completing a circuit like a fuse placed in an electrical device. It's a very subtle sensation but, to me, very real. I'll continue until I reach the prescribed 44 minute mark and then perform the final step of contacting the earth for 45 minutes a day for 6 days. I think, unless something negative occurs, that I'll continue on a maintenance schedule for the rest of my life. The brief time each day that I dedicate to this seems to recharge me for each day.
Well, that's it. I present this only as a review of one person's experience.

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 4:21 pm » by Neversaydie


Where about in the world are you Baboogdi?

I was actually thinking about doing this practice myself when I first heard about it a couple of years ago, but here in the U.K. it's virtually impossible thanks to our shitty climate.
I've always suspected that one of the many reasons that we are being bombarded with a patch of work 'Chem Trails' was to inhibit us to use this method to connect with the infinite......just saying.

:sunny: Keep going my friend and let us know of any important changes. :flop: :hugging:
Remember this day and prepare yourselves for it is a time of great revealing.
For when it arrives, mankind will finally know the truth about everything.


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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 4:32 pm » by Baboogdi

I'm in El Paso, Texas where there is ample sun. Your suspicion about the chem-trails has crossed my mind as well.

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 5:15 pm » by Toxic32

I'v never herd of Sun gazing before. I can share with you an experience I had a number of years ago. Not the same but similer.

The time one hour before sun set, the place in the Middle East. For me this day had been a hard slog and I needed a drink. I picked up a can of beer and took the metal seat I was sitting on and walked into the sea. I placed the seat down in about two feet of water and sat down to watch the sun setting. The sea was like glass, no movement nothing. I was in full uniform but I needed the quiet of nothingness, a few moments of me time. Anyway to cut a long story short. As I sat there looking at and into the sun with my lower legs in the sea. I found that I was being drawn towards the sun. Not in a physical way but a quiet soft glowing pull from my inner self. I was becoming one and that's the only way to describe it , with universe. In those moments I found true acceptance of my place in this reality. I melted into everything I was in contact with everything, there was no right and no wrong. That experience changed my life. I wish I could bottle that feeling I would give it away for free, as I know it would heal the world. But maybe everybody has to find your own way to that moment.

I feel sad that humans have tried to label that concept as God. What a waste of time and lives. you can't touch a thought. It has no weight no substance no colour. ...You all know what I'm talking about. Or maybe not.
A black-hole is not a hole it's a sphere. As will be the universe when compressed into the smallest unit it can be.

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 6:04 pm » by AntediluvianDog

I've tried this myself but never progressed to that duration. I'm on Canada's west coast and it rains a lot. At a point i could gaze for max 1 minute then i would rest my eyes and try again. I'm glad to see someone else trying this and having moderate success with it. Thanks, and i look forward to future updates :flop:

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PostSat Sep 14, 2013 6:38 pm » by Baboogdi

There are times when, while gazing, a sort of tunnel vision develops. I slip into a frame of mind where it's almost as if I'm having a non-verbal conversation with the sun. It may sound hokey but it's the best way I know how to describe it.
In The Law of One the Ra entity describes the sun as the sub-logos that created this solar system. Sometimes I get the feeling that it just may be true.

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PostThu May 28, 2015 2:33 pm » by Malcom

I have schizophrenia and when i discovered sun gazing I jumped right in it. I wanted to get off the meds because they were causing sideeffects and following HRM's protocol, after three months, I stopped taking the meds. Sun gazing cured my schizophrenia. Its been two years since I stopped taking the meds and I have not gotten any more psychotic episodes. I am so happy, words cannot describe it.