Super high tides near Fiji

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Super high tides have been reported causing floods and damage to buildings. Has the coast line changed?

A SUPER high tide yesterday morning saw the Nubukalou Creek in Suva burst its bank near Greig Street in Suva with seawater flowing into many shops.

Shop owners spent the morning cleaning up.

One frustrated shopowner said this was a regular happening when there were high tides and heavy rain.

Amlesh Lal believes one side of the creek needed to be dredged and the creek wall was too low.

"If the walls were higher, this problem could be solved, or at least part of it," he said yesterday.

"If that happens, he said, "then only the drains will bring in water but it may not get inside our shops." Mr Lal said businesses, even during heavy rain, encounter the flooding problem.

Suva special administrator Chandu Umaria said they were aware of the problem and plans were in the pipeline to help the businesses.

"We know that many businesses encounter this problem. SCC is working on ways in which this problem can be tackled," he said.

Mr Umaria said SCC has plans to dredge Nubukalou Creek and will look at a way in which flooding could be stopped along Greig Street.

According to Jason Singh, who parks his car there, the high tide and common flooding also creates problems for vehicle owners and pedestrians.

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