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A few years ago I was introduced to the research of a man - a man of medical science. His name is Dr Weston Price and just like Nikola Tesla - Dr Weston Price, through thorough research had clearly found the reasons why human health is devolving.

He was ahead of his time and I would encourage anyone who has questions above and beyond the regularly asked questions to read his book. If you have questions about diseases and mental health issues. If you have questions about physical abnormalities. If you have questions about soil and what grows in it and especially how it effects our bodies when we ingest it? I would urge you to read this book from cover to cover.

I recall first reading excerpts online and was so inspired I purchased a copy of his book. There are people dedicated to keeping the work of Dr Weston Price available to the (sleeping & unsuspecting) public. You can find this book but it is not in school and public libraries unless it has been donated by a benevolent human in the awakened state.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration A Comparison of Primiative and Modern Diets and Their Effects.
ISBN - 978-1-84902-770-0 Publisher: Benediction Classics Oxford. My edition is dated 2010.

The book is written in stages.

Stage 1

A little tedious but press through it. He is a man of science and is thorough and systematic and it yields results that will change the way you think - it impacted on me by blowing my mind wide open and I was already in the awakened state. He documents his research of specific indigenous peoples across the globe. Dr Weston Price initially intended to research dental decay - he found sooooo much more.

Stage 2

By the time Dr Price reaches Peru he is noting aspects of the lifestyles such as the medical procedure of trepanning and ancient aquaducts and monumental stone structures. We are over half way through the book now and I will cite the text that accompanies Figure 93.

This figure shows the rapid healing of a fractured femur of a boy four and one half years of age suffering from convulsions due to malnutrition. His fracture occurred when he fell in a convulsion. There was no healing in sixty days. After reinforcing his nutrition with butter vitamins the healing at right occurred in thirty days. Whole milk replaced skim milk and a whole wheat gruel made from freshly ground whole wheat replaced white bread.

I will cite the last sentence that accompanies Figure 94.

Below is shown the grossly demineralised and deformed skeleton of a pet monkey being fed on sweets and pastries.

I will cite the text that accompanies Figure 97.

Three cases that illustrate how nature can close an exposure of the pulp due to dental caries by building a protecting wall within the pulp chamber when the nutrition is adequately improved.

Dr Weston Price started his research with a focus on teeth and quickly associated illness and deformities with poor diet. The next stage of the book has a focus on the degeneration of health and the manifestation of physical deformities. The photographs in this section are hard to look at but they are undeniable proof.

Chapter 19. Physical, Mental and Moral Deterioration - this is the chapter that brings it all together. I will briefly describe one example of the brilliant mind of Dr Weston Price and undoubtedly one of his most astounding examples of applied research.

A boy of sixteen - playing with toys with which a baby would play. Dr Weston Price documents a number of physical deformities - but - it is his notes regarding the dental alignment of the adolescent that bring about extraordinary knowledge.

Essentially Dr Price, in his expertise as a dentist, realigns the jaw and teeth of the adolescent. To cut to the chase - the young lad actually entered adolescence, his mental capacity improved to the point where his mother could send him to the shop and he would bring back the correct items and money would be correct. Unescorted he could make a return trip to see Dr Price - a trip that involved a train and a change to a bus and a short walk. Prior to this he was playing with baby rattles!!!!! A dentist offered medical assistance and corrected much. Unfortunately his sex hormones kicked in and he became obsessed. Sounds like a normal adolescent - I could not help but think that with continued support he could have learned to manage his hormonal surge.

I will close with these thoughts from Dr Weston Price - by the end of the book he notes that not one indigenous culture needed mental institutions - because - they had no mental health issues. He also notes that indigenous people did not have prisons - because - they did not have issues with societal violence. His book is full of facts, both science based and philosophical alongside his documented research data.

Dr Weston Price was a doctor of dentistry who went on an odyssey to research dental decay and along the way he discovered that what we eat, the soil it is grown in and the way the food is processed has an enormous impact on not just our teeth - but our entire body - physical, mental and spiritual.

I have never felt the slightest fear in being among them; I have never found that my trust in them was misplaced. As soon as they learned that I was visiting them in their interest, their kindness and devotion was very remarkable. Fundamentally they are spiritual and have a devout reverence for an all-powerful, all-pervading power which not only protects and provides for them,but accepts them as part of that great encompassing soul if they obey Nature's laws.

In an apocalypse - If I could save only one book - it would be this one. Of course I would save all books if that was an option but I am underlining this book as an exceptional reference book based on fact.

Thank you for reading a long but necessary opening post. I had to share so that people searching for answers can find some with Dr Price.

Much Peace - Amanda

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For those people who are interested in learning more here are some links - to help you save time.

This is a link for the book online;

This is a link to the Weston-Price organisation;

This is a link to an excerpt; ... ston-price

Much Peace - Amanda

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Interesting :flop:

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