Swine Flu or Radiation Sickness

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Swine Flu or Radiation Sickness - Are you Feeling weird lately?
http://www.doomdaily.com/2009/swine-flu ... rd-lately/


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The Swine Flu hysteria was rampant then it all of a sudden quietened down! Are the governments aware of something more sinister or are the DoomDaily team taking science facts way out of proportion…..

The DoomDaily team follow all sources of information and have our regular sources for the specialist areas, this allows us to build up possible scenarios.

We wont waste time detailing Swine Flu, we will just focus on the dates and also the symptoms. The rest is down to you.

Have you noticed the increases in:-

Unable to Sleep, Unusual Headaches, Ringing in the ears and Vision Disorientation over the last 3-4 mths? If so, you are not alone and in the last few months it seems to becoming more and more frequent.
Swine Flu Symptoms

According to the CDC, like seasonal flu, symptoms of swine flu infections can include:

* fever, which is usually high, but unlike seasonal flu, is sometimes absent
* cough
* runny nose or stuffy nose
* sore throat
* body aches
* headache
* chills
* fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
* diarrhea and vomiting, sometimes, but more commonly seen than with seasonal flu

Mild Radiation Symptoms

Signs and symptoms resulting from an acute absorbed dose of 1 to 2 Gy may include:

* Nausea and vomiting within 24 to 48 hours
* Headache
* Fatigue
* Weakness

The initial signs and symptoms of treatable radiation sickness are usually nausea and vomiting. The amount of time between exposure and the onset of these symptoms is, in fact, a relatively reliable indicator of how much radiation a person has absorbed.

After the initial onset of signs and symptoms, a person with radiation sickness then experiences a brief period of a few days with no apparent illness. This period precedes the onset of signs and symptoms indicating more serious illness.


So as we can see the symptoms are similar but that in itself means nothing, so lets lay down some Science to make this picture.
Initial outbreaks in U.S. and Mexico


Both the place and the species in which the virus originated are unknown.[81][82] Analysis has suggested that the H1N1 strain responsible for the current outbreak first evolved around September 2008 and circulated in the human population for several months before the first cases were detected.[81][83][84] The new strain was first diagnosed in two children by the CDC, first on April 14 in San Diego County, California and a few days later in nearby Imperial County, California.[85] Neither child had been in contact with pigs.

We’ve got some dates to work on here… Now for some interesting connections….

Chris2191970 has studied the field of Atmospheric Research the better part of my life .

Ionospheric Research and the effects of Space Weather on the Earth and its weather systems has always fascinated me

Then October 2008 while I was at my lowest point and had lost all hope a Neutron Star in the band of Norma started to outburst.I quietly started to observe this Transient very young object. Fast Forward to January 2009 .
Very powerful outburst from ‘1E 1547.0-5408′ RA= 237.726 degs ; Dec= -54.307 degs started and weather systems seemed to react to this powerful influence. The Polar Jet Split and some fairly wicked weather started to effect the Earth and by late January we had a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event and weather flowed basckwards.The outburst were so strong that it ionized sections of the Earths Atmosphere . The outburst from this very strong and very young Neutron Star continues into the 4th month of 2009 .

These outburst caused a great deal of damage to the planet and its ability to protect us from dangerous Gamma Rays. I have detected elevated dangerous rays and have great concerns as we move deeper into Solar Cycle 24 .It would take years to repair the damage that was caused by the sustained outburst that we have had since January 2009

Watch a video from April 2009


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Woahhh, So we are getting hit from a Neutron Star? Let me get some radiation charts:-

Well unfortunately the Radiation Monitor System on become live on “This Radiation Monitoring Service began on 22-Apr-2004 during revolution 800, and as such, plots are unavailable before this date & revolution.”

Click here for realtime charts and further information for the 23 April 2009

So things are becoming clearer now.. maybe this is not Flu but radiation, lets not forget we have a weakened shield here on Mother Earth

Skin Cancer increase

The increase in the incidence of skin cancer is one of the most extensively studied effects of increasing ultraviolet radiation by ozone depletion (F. R. de Gruijl, Skin cancer and solar radiation, Eur. J. Cancer, 1999, 35, 2003–2009). We wondered if this impact could also be influenced by increasing environmental temperatures. Here we show that it is likely that such an influence will occur. For the same reason, it is likely that the baseline incidence of skin cancer will be augmented by rising temperatures, which may become significant in magnitude.

We know pigs at the time passed the Swine Flu test in the areas that reported early, so no go there. So what is it, is it really Flu. Viewing more videos from Chris on his youtube channel shows at times there is complete loss of data - WTF, is that overload/off the scale or some coverup/blackout to the public.

for those of you who have read Webbot for 2009 will know they speak of “solar disease”. Lets not even mention the horse of Pestilence for those who are into that….

Of course this could really be Flu, but come on its pretty worldwide now (yes Flu could spread), it could be Radiation or not, we are calling a coverup!

What do you think?

“As for the biological effect by space radiation, an experiment was made using such specimens as silkworm eggs, dicty ostelium discoideums, colitis germs, radiation-resistant bacteria, and genetic DNA. At present, analyses are under way to elucidate the bodily reaction mechanism of these specimens vital for repair of DNA damages by space radiation, the effect of the space environment over their embryonic development and differentiation, and the genetic effect exerted over the silkworm’s offspring during the process of their growth in space.” NASA

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nice one rabbit! interesting take on things... lets see where this goes. keep up with it please?

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