Syrian government forces now in control of Homs' Khaldiyeh

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Destruction is everywhere here; this is the Khaldiyeh district in the central Syrian city of Homs. The Syrian army managed to retake this district after fierce fighting that went on for over a month.

This neighborhood was the main stronghold for foreign-backed insurgents in Homs, and their main operation room in the city.

These destroyed buildings hide a lot of secrets; more than seven-hundred hostages were said to have been kept by insurgents in Khaldiyeh but none of them was found yet. The advance in Khaldiyeh means that Syrian military units managed to split in half insurgent-controlled areas of Homs.

This achievement by the Syrian army can be compared to their taking control of the strategic town of Qusyar at least in its effect on the morale of the fighters on both sides. This mosque is the last point of Khaldiyeh and the first step in a new phase of life in Homs.

This is Khaled Mosque, which is the last point in Khaldiyeh and where the first phase of the military operation ended. The second phase will be in al-Warsheh neighborhood.

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