Tarballs in N.E. Florida

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link to video


PONTE VEDRA, Fla. -- Going into a busy beach weekend, Channel 4 is hearing reports of something unsightly on usually serene Ponte Vedra Beach.

A local woman said she found about 300 tar balls on her stretch of beach and cleaned them up as well as she could.

There's no word on where the tar balls may have come from, but longtime locals they said it's not unheard of to have tar balls on the coast.

Most residents don't suspect they came from the Gulf of Mexico.

:bang; most residents dont suspect its from the gulf. i guess they have never heard of the gulf stream. too bad most people in ponte vedra are rich and moved there after they retired. me on the other hand i've been in the area most of my life and have never seen tarballs on the beach. i have actually lived on the beach for atleast 8 years of my life and within 30 miles of it my whole life. this is definately from the oil spill.

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