Techno-utopian "space crops" asking for trouble

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Techno-utopian "space crops" asking for trouble
It's official, reality is stranger than fiction :shock: ... or-trouble :rtft:
The Sunday Times has published a techno-utopian article hyping "space crops" with mutations induced by firing seeds into space.

It could be the ultimate rocket salad(Ha,ha) :roll: . Chinese scientists claim to have created a range of super-crops by blasting seeds into space so their genes are mutated by cosmic radiation.

Giant cucumbers and tomatoes, along with fast-growing sesame, cotton and even white lotus and chrysanthemum flowers, have been produced by the technique, according to a study published by Chinese government researchers.

If its success can be confirmed, space agriculture could have the potential to rival earthbound genetic modification, a laboratory-based technique that is effective but expensive, as a means of producing new breeds of high-yield crops.

Now even i did'nt see this one coming :help: . I'm going to send this to infowars.

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