Telepathy - Schizophrenia - God, mystery of my life

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 10:07 pm » by Vinko

1. I Vinko Rajic was born in ex. Yugoslavia. I the area of old state called Pagania .
We have always been the biggest insult in Vatican.

I am Telepathic person .
I can exchange voice messages with people using telepathy , I can exchange video with other people,
I can exchange smell and bad and good filings with people around, people can move
muscles on my body from distance and much more.
And all messages from me are transmitted to big number of people so I am a Mental Radio.

2. Andrija Puharich family coming from Pagania , I think he could read peoples mind and he worked for CIA.
He was an Army officer in the early 1950s. During that time, he was in and out of Edgewood Arsenal Research Laboratories
and Camp Detrick, meeting with various high-ranking officers and officials, primarily from the Pentagon, CIA, and Naval Intelligence.
Puharich was a medical and parapsychological researcher, medical inventor and author, who is perhaps best known as the person who brought
Israeli Uri Geller and Peter Hurkos to the United States for scientific investigation.

3. Those people in Pagania have meeting with Virgin Mary.
some 25 000 000 people has visited this town until now.


Audible thoughts
• Voices heard arguing
• Voices heard commenting on one’s actions
• The experience of influences playing on the
• Thought withdrawal and other interferences
with thought
• Diffusion of thought
• Delusional perception
• Feelings, impulses and volitional acts
experienced as the work or influence of

Thought insertion The patient believes that
thoughts that are not his own are being put
into his mind by an external agency.
Thought withdrawal The patient believes
that thoughts are being removed from his
mind by an external agency.
Thought broadcasting The patient believes
that his thoughts are being ‘read’ by others, as
if they were being broadcast.
Thought blocking Involves a sudden
interruption of the train of thought, before it is
completed, leaving a ‘blank’. The patient suddenly
stops talking and cannot recall what he
has been saying or thinking.

Persecution An outside person or force is in
some way interfering with the sufferer’s life or
wishes them harm, e.g. “The people upstairs
are watching me by using satellites and have
poisoned my food”.
Reference The behavior of others, objects, or
broadcasts on the television and radio have a
special meaning or refer directly to the person,
e.g. “A parcel came from Sun Alliance and the
radio said that ‘the son of man is here’, on a
Sunday, so I am the son of God”.
Control The sensation of being the passive
recipient of some controlling or interfering
agent that is alien and external. This agent can
control thoughts, feeling and actions (passivity
experiences), e.g. “I feel as if my face is being
pulled upwards and something is making me
laugh when I’m sad”.

Hallucinations in schizophrenia may
involve any of the sensory modalities. The
most common are auditory hallucinations in
the form of voices, which occur in 60–70% of
patients diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Although voices in the second person are
most common, the characteristic
‘Schneiderian’ voices are in the third person
and provide a running commentary on the
patient’s actions, arguing about the patient or
repeating the patient’s thoughts. Voices may
be imperative, ordering the patient to harm
himself or others. Visual hallucinations occur
in about 10% of patients, but should make
one suspicious of an organic disorder.

OK , what I want to tell is that I think many if not all of voices are coming out of people like me.
some people are target for telepathic jokes and someone is reading their mind.
Some people are just creating "Religion".
And what else?

Why I exist but I am not explored and documented. Many people know about my telepathy,
many people are receiving voices and consume medicine.

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 10:09 pm » by SamueltheLion

i hope you find a way to use your talent.

peace! & believe you have something to contribute, because you do.
Your faith will make you whole

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 11:21 pm » by Vinko

Hm , easy for you to tell that.

People in some countries found a mad fun , they collected money and they finance some mad psycho to stalk on me
day and night. Maybe psycho can get 50 000 hours paid and earn few hundred thousand Euro but I have to spend
over 10 years in poverty because of this. Number one he use it to terrorize me all the time, I have no job
and no normal sleep, I am mad , sick and tired of this.
People in some countries( Sweden, Norway) are boycotting me , I have no human rights there , can not get job and no friends
I think they are taking part in financing this show.

I have to find a way to protect me of telepathy. Is it any medicine that could stop this?
I was thinking that some metal shield should stop brain waves.
Any idea what can I do?

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 11:56 pm » by Anuwatcher

Vinko,it is a pleasure to hear from you and hear your story. There are ways to control your thoughts and pin point exact locations of thoughts entering. Most of them are not telepathic in origin but rather let off through frequency concentrations. It is a sort of "radio"channel that only some can pick up. You are not insane and you are not mad. Learn to accept who you are as there is a plan in effect that was written before our time. They are choosing to take control of this and play with your emotions as you are not exactly sure what to do. Have faith and be steady. Our father will not forsake us we have all chosen to be here in this time. As for how to stop it, i suggest meditation my brother. You will learn the difference of what is you and what is external and after a while, you will see that what is external and internal is an illusion. We are all connected. Peace be with you and may our father guide you and protect you.

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 12:06 am » by Chrisfryfyi

ive got a good friend whos a paranoid schitzophrenic i cant say the same for him..
but paranoid schitzophrenic is where all the voices convince u that random shit is about u..
and i tell u now it is not cool to have a mate with that.
specaly when ur stoned n cant be arsed with the shit lol

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PostSat Apr 09, 2011 11:37 am » by Vimsy499

This is adressed to vinco.

i don'nt know vinco if you are going to read this, as you have posted this on some 20 or

more blogs and sites, i wonder if you are ever going to read the responses.

Firstly why the heading "schizophrenia", when telepathy has hardly anything to do with

schizophrenia, people especially pcsycologists may tend to categorize people reporting

telepathy to schizophrenia as it perhaps easy and the only explanation available to them

Secondly, i have done some research on the matter, vinco i need to know your date of birth,

exact time of birth, the place of birth( need earth co-ordinates), so that i can plot the

zodiac and all. thats ofcourse if u want to share it with me.

And i have some bad news, u asked about 'a telepathic shield' or medication to stop

telepathy, well probably u are right on the 'mental radio' thing but telepathic persons emit

alpha rays.alpha radiation is perhaps a weak form of radiation. but radiation u see cannot

be stopped. the radiation level around the nuclear reactors of fukishima, japan will remain

will remain so for thousands of years until they decay out.( though couple of elements like

cadmium and boron absorb radiation namely electrons but that cannot be applied here). So ur

telepathy is to stay with u for your LIFETIME

And when and at what age did you discover that u were telepathic.

vinco have you told about your telepathy to your near and dear ones? be wary of telling them

the entire truth

And vinco i advice u to be very careful, specially if people are harrassing and persecuting

you. they may going to any end to do a lot of bad things, though i doubt if they would

gather courage to physically harm you.

another thing vinco avoid medications for your telepathy and such explanations. live with

the truth if u really belive in it. try to be positive and confident. NEVER GET DEPRESSED NO

MATTER WHAT! take utter care of your mental health by yourself.

vinco u told other people can control your muscles. thats very bad. the only way that they

can do it is through u i.e through ur brain. don'nt let them do it. don'nt let them take

control of you in any way. and defy them completely.

vinco this is my email if u want we can chat on messenger though

irc(internet relay chat) will be much better. u can even email me if you want.

also in the lines on ... d-mystery-


"I tried for 10 Years to find work there but "no job and single is show", I had to live

Sweden and Norway.
I am Software Developer that has to work on farms in Australia and New Zealand becouse of

"Telepathic terror show"."

You have mentioned australia and new zealand, how did u reach such a far place from europe
and this u have only put on these two sites ... d-mystery-


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PostSat Nov 26, 2011 4:45 pm » by Victorhedman

Please send this letter to your friends , maybe someone can help telepath Vinko Rajic.

This is letter from Vinko Rajic:

Please send an email to or to kth_vinko(at)
if you have any information on people
that collect money or transfer money to people that follow and torture Vinko Rajic.
Please send information on people that are helping shit perverts to find Vinko Rajic.
If police get information on those people they can arrest them and Vinko Rajic can live life again.

Please support this.

Vinko Rajic

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PostTue Dec 06, 2011 7:56 pm » by Foool

I would be furious if I found out every schizophrenic sufferer was just being harassed by psychic bullies.

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PostTue Dec 06, 2011 8:22 pm » by X-mog

My brother went schizo from substance abuse many years ago and it keeps getting worse. My friend Jesse too, only he's no longer with us. My friend Jeremy also went schizo from meth. That's at least 3 so I fancy myself something of an expert in about 10 years of study on this strange phenomenon. I don't believe in full fledged psychics. I believe some people are sensitive enough to read people with a mere glance or only a few seconds of reading someone. Perhaps certain substances enable cognitive faculties to be more accurate, but you musn't fool yourself like that. I suggest catching yourself. What I mean is, from now on, you should test yourself when you've fooled yourself into thinking that you know what someone is thinking. It must be someone you trust. When you're ready, try to guess what they're thinking, and then ask them exactly what it was. You will find that you're not psychic after all.

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PostTue Dec 06, 2011 11:53 pm » by Fatdogmendoza

I have a rasta friend, actually he is about 3 friends who went schizo smoking cheap imported skunk...Im not using the word schizo loosely the same way people use the word mong or retard... He has been diagnosed. they are such a lovely man, madman, saint...


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