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ghost32 wrote:I have had several paranormal experiences, the first being when I was very young around 6 or 7 and we had a fan in the house that would come on by itself and about a year or so later one day all the clocks in the house stopped all at the same time this was right after my father had died and days after word I had very lucid dreams of him, I was 8 years old at the time and it was a very rough time in my life.My father was a sniper in the koean war and he would often tell me stories of ufos and bigfoot which has kept me interested in paranormal stuff much of my life.

Later on when I was about 14 years old I had another string of poltergeist type experiences many occuring to me at my girlfriend at that times home, when I was alone in the house a door in the kitchen would open on its own and on another ocassion the water turned on by itself and I always felt a weird presence in the house.

Also in my mid teens when I was 15 or 16 I had a ghost or spirit type experience where I awoke in the middle of the night for some reason and noticed a dark shadow type figure kneeling in the corner of my room which appeared to be praying.

And I have also had one experience of whats known as Sleep Paralysis which sometimes is linked to alien abduction, I woke up in the middle of the night and could not move or speak but could see everything and it seemed that there was a huge gust of wind blowing in my room and the weird part was I could hear really loud slayer music playing but after it was over I realized I didnt even have my slayer tape at home...

These are all true stories! and I have had 2 ufo sightings.

:ghost: 32

that sleep paralysis shit is the pits!!!!!!!!!
had that many times,woken up drenched in sweat,having to fight to get back into my body.
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spock wrote:I told of some pictures I had seen of a real apparition in another thread. An apparition that I know to be 100% authentic, because I knew the source.

I stumbled across this a minute ago, and it is very similar to the picture I saw (in substance), as well as a two accounts I have heard from another (high school/church friend that was also my lawyer years ago).

If you see a full body apparition, it is going to look something like this, although in color.


The above photo is of a full blown apparition of a woman ghost. Notice her left arm is transparent. You can make out what she is wearing, a little bit of her face, and buttons on her shirt. This kind of photo is what all ghost hunters strive for. What we call "Trophy" pictures. This is a rare example of how some people have reported seeing their loved ones and descriptions of people who have died, appear to them in a human form. Sometimes at a distance, other times up close. For a spirit to make themselves seen like this, it takes a lot of energy and effort on their part. Usually, you'll find significant temperature drops in the same room as this spirit is in. So, from an orb, a spirit goes into a mist/cloud like shape, and from there, they make a human shape/form before vanishing. Often, lasting a few seconds.

amazing foto,one night i saw what looked like an arm and a tweed jacket,i got out of my bedroom that night.cold room too,
with the power of soul,anything is possible
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PostWed Dec 15, 2010 6:01 am » by Rimax

In Ohio teenagers that lived in corn country had nothing better to do but get drunk and party (being stupid teens actually). But anyways we were driving back (drunk) from a big party.
There were 6 of us in 3 seperate vehicles. In this area there wasn't any people are on the roads at 3am. My brothers 2 best friends were in the first vehicle, me and my brother were in the 2nd vehicle with 2 other friends behind us when we left.
My brothers friends were always known to turn off their headlights briefly to blow thru intersections. They did this 2 times that night and were about 30 seconds ahead of us. When we were coming up to the 3rd intersection on our way back I had this feeling something was wrong.
They had turned their headlights off again and struck a car with a man and his wife(which was pregnant we found out later). They struck the car full speed in the passengers side and landed upside down in the ditch across the road. When the rest of us come up to the intersection I could see the wheels of the truck were in still spinning. When I jumped out of my car the first thing I could think of was to turn the ignition off. Two seconds after I was out running towards them the truck burst into flames.
Our friend who was in the passenger side was ejected from the truck (still living after quite some time in the hospital). Our friend who was driving was still conscious but his leg was broke and wrapped around the standard shifter of the truck. Three of us tried and tried to free him but had to stop after the flames become too much (all of us losing most of our hair that was exposed). We had to stand there and watch and listen to him die this way. The couple in the other vehicle were killed instantly.
Sorry I had to tell everybody the details of this but what happened next changed me and the others lives forever.
About a minute after we couldn't hear our friends screams anymore we all saw with our own eyes 2 somewhat transparent figures come from the couples car and walk over to the truck (still burning) and pulled what I think was our friends spirit/ghost and walked away into the woods.
The thing which I think really changed me forever was that all 3 spirits/ghost walked into the woods holding hands (together).
Here was this stupid kid which ended that couples lives and dreams and still they all left together holding hands.
Me and my brother have only talked twice about this. I have told this story 3 times since, the sheriffs, our friends parents and now all of you.
I have had multiple crazy experiences in my life ever since that night.

That moment in my life sent me on my path that I'm still on today (23 years later).
So this is what you might consider a ghost story that wasn't a fearful one.

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I was sleeping one night, recently and my daogs just started flpping out and they were barking loud and they were in the kitchen. So, i got up and went in there and there was nothing. I turned the light on in the kitchen and got back in bed....i can see my kitchen from my bed. I got back in to bed and a few minutes later i see a brown pointed hood walking by my microwave. I was so scared. And a week to the day, my grandfather died.I believe that thing in my kitchen was the grim reaper


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