Temple of Enki reaches over 100,000 hits!

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Temple of Enki “http://templeofenki.bravehost.com” has reached a huge milestone! I would like to thank all those who have been to my site and read some of my research. It is a huge site with many topics. From ancient history, to aliens and the roots of today's religions and where they really came from. I am proud to say that all the research on my site is my own as well as the style and layout of every page, including page related images. Today I have received notice that my site has not only reached 100,000 hits, but has already passed it! Again, thanks everyone who has gone to my site as it requires an open mind as the pages are my own research and a fascinating journey it has been and will continue to be as new topics are researched creating yet another page to the site. It is a wonderful and continuing journey that to me, is a hug accomplishment. I only research the topics that I myself find very interesting and I believe that is why the site has the attraction it has: it is genuine research, not repetition and the simple rewriting of someone else's work. I have not received even one cent for all of my work and will continue to do so as this is far more valuable that money. The payment I get is the fact that my site is my own creation and to me, is by far one of my greatest accomplishments. Thousands of hours of research, and every second was and still is a journey that is ongoing. :banana: :dancing:

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nice website!

expose those reptilians..their history is all over babylon :cheers:


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