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No Sol,I've only read about such stuff,but Im very interested in the research of the late Dr.Ian Stevenson into reincarnation (&rare cases of responsive Xenoglossy)..He,as I suspect you probably know,was head of the university of Virginia Psychology dept..they have around 3000 cases suggestive of reincarnation...his works now continued by Dr.Jim.B.Tucker..
I believe they sometimes used hypnosis etc..
Do you have any interest in the subject of reincarnation Sol?
That book I mentioned by Sylvia Cranston is great..its an East meets West discourse type thing

Read more: what-is-reality-t86053-10.html#ixzz2baErOVzo

I run into Stevenson's work often in my research. Yes, much interest in reincarnation! Personal experimentation has been beneficial to me.

I haven't read Sylvia Cranston. I told someone I would examine another work which took priority over my own 'honey-do' list, so I'm spinning the wheels a bit more quickly than usual.

Without touching on the details of soul and spirit: this "subtle body" you speak of - are you referring to inter-dimensional form? or are you referring to the electro-magneto field? For clarification, this electro-magneto field should not be confused with aura, it is its own emanation and pushes outward/pulls inward from the physical/material/matter-dense body.

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Hi Sol,Thanks..yeah my idea of the subtle body..
Well I've just started digging deeper into the Vedas & Puranas & all of the Hindu stuff,which may well be very old indeed..although orally passed down I understand it was very strict & there are 432,000 syllables in the Rig Veda (which is part of the acred 666 number string that I mention in a lot of my posts..I try not to repeat myself but since no ones really engaged with the subject,I tend to a little)..hence it'd be passed down better than it would written,with all the translations etc..
So I believe that its very old & theres knowledge there that the.."master race" (Anunna/Elohim etc etc) gave humanity that is gonna be the most advanced we have on the subject(s)..
Also including ways to treat the subtle body..from Cayce type stuff to acupuncture..Chi healing etc..
The Rephaim healers & people with elongated craniums-larger brains & active conduits must have had some great insights into how it all works..
I was postulating a body,invisible to our eyes (but then we only see such a narrow part of the EM spectrum)- but very real,made of less dense material that bonds with the fleshly body..
The case I mentioned from 1935 of that W.Martin of Liverpool illustrates what I mean..I'll write that out for you later on so you can read it..
Another possibility is we only have that illusion shortly after death but are actually not body sized but micro sized & as the tibetans say,we enter the Pineal..
The Egyptians speak of 3 components..
So perhaps there are stages & if we enter another body quickly enough we don't have to pass through them?
Not a very coherent post..its a bit early I will come back later tonight (im in the UK) :geek:
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PostSun Aug 11, 2013 10:31 pm » by SolStone

You covered many different sources so if I do not touch on something you'd enjoy conversing on, please yet me know in your following posts.

The electro-magnetic field which both originates, sustains, expands, and contracts is beyond the human's sense of sight (materially speaking). It is also both (respectively responsible for separate movements) that unites and holds together the material body your material eyes perceive.

It is inevitable that we will have to soon define soul and spirit in our discourse, in order to avoid foundational miscommunications and misleading conceptual imagery. For now though, I will attempt to stay away from both until you agree to tread those grounds with me.

Completely agree, the Vedas are amazing and absolutely beautiful! Sometimes terrifying when one meditates deeply, but like all else, wonderful experience in itself. Some texts speak more heavily than others on the ascetic practices associated with the times and specific rites, holistic preparation and the like. From what I have been exposed to, among the oldest and most complete systems of science remaining as well.

The pineal is active after death, and serves multiple purposes during the transition. This is why meditation is taught at the foundational levels of most traditions, to prepare one for death (so they are not distressed during the transition). Meditation combined with proper mental and physical preparation also helps hum the pineal, over time aiding in many practices (during the life) of seasoned initiates.

None (that I have spoken with or researched in any capacity) can agree on the exact process of the transition, some leaning towards the Tibetan book of the Dead, some the Egyptian, most the Vedas; honestly I'm convinced it doesn't matter as much as familiarizing oneself with the process as a whole. Returning to the pineal as a portal into Akasha? Perhaps. The pineal aiding the shock and dying process of the body while the consciousness sheds the material coat and 1)ascends to join the ascended masters and heavenly host; 2) descends first into Amenti (after death, into the earth before the Lords) before ascending, sometimes not ascending at all; perhaps.

From personal experience I am convinced those are only enjoyable plays between individuals who understand that conceptual imagery can never convey nor relate the experience to the thinking mind. For example, most want to know which comes first, shedding the soul and being judged by your spiritual superiors; or your soul being judged and your spirit remaining un-judged for further education prior to incarnation? I don't think that chronology is as important as understanding what will take place in the process.

NOTE: I know many Buddhists that would argue that chronology is important when the soul is shedding itself through the planes and attempting to not be drawn to this or that; that is fine. I was sure to study the order and treated it as important...although in my heart of hearts I do not agree. I think they are simply making sure you understand the color and spiritual associations and the importance existing to your next incarnation. I have not found a set of persons that experiment in past life regression techniques that have agreed on the chronology of the process (outside of certain Buddhist and ascetic Hindu sects).

Specific to a comment you made: yes, the Hindus do believe in 'loopholes' (this is not what they really are) which one can transition specifically to where they desire to go. They get very specific with it and it is strongly astrological (external influencing the internal) in nature to understanding the teaching.

You mention 666 quite a bit. Is there specifics you'd like to go into with the number? Lots of theories out there and lots of numerological significance, I'm not sure where you'd like to direct me in the discussion?

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PostSun Aug 11, 2013 11:31 pm » by Devilishwork

Hi guys. I'm really interested in learning more about this subject and you both seem like the people to ask. Can you recommend some books that a total beginner can read just to break them into this subject slowly? Also I've been seeing a lot of posts by people who use meditation and its something I'd like to do, thing is I don't really know where to start. Is there books I can read or maybe video guides I can watch that will explain how to do it?

Hope you don't mind me asking but I thought seeing as you are both talking about it I'd give it a shot and ask.

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PostMon Aug 12, 2013 4:12 am » by SolStone

Devilishwork wrote:Hi guys. I'm really interested in learning more about this subject and you both seem like the people to ask. Can you recommend some books that a total beginner can read just to break them into this subject slowly? Also I've been seeing a lot of posts by people who use meditation and its something I'd like to do, thing is I don't really know where to start. Is there books I can read or maybe video guides I can watch that will explain how to do it?

Hope you don't mind me asking but I thought seeing as you are both talking about it I'd give it a shot and ask.

I would not know which books to recommend to someone that I'm not sure where they are in their examinations and/or understandings. Instead, I would love to share some methods you may experiment with, and should you feel the desire to return for any reason I am sure I would be willing to offer more specific guidance to any more specific inquiries; any time.


It is important to train the entire Self equally, else imbalance occur and ruin one's efforts. This is important and is overlooked by most, leading to failure in their endeavors (sadly, few ever realize why). When developing one's system of habit, one should always include physical and mental exercises alongside the psychic (spiritual). I very much want to elaborate on specific practices but it would make this post even longer than present. In fact, please ask me about this later as I'd like to focus on the method of meditation for you in this post.


You don't need anything other than your Self, however one item tends to help many practitioners, beginners and seasoned alike: prayer beads. This item can be Buddhist prayer bracelet, a Catholic rosary, or quite simply a string with beads or other items attached; it really does not matter.


Zazen is sitting meditation and is most commonly what one imagines.
1) Assume a comfortable sitting position (don't get caught up on specific sitting positions in the beginning, those are for anal yogi to argue over);
2) rest your hands in your lap;
3) Tilt your chin down slightly so that the spine and back of the neck is aligned straight;
4) close eyes fully, or to blurry half-slits (usually depending on the purpose of that meditation session or one's personal preference);
5) breath in through nose, out through mouth;
6) tongue on roof of mouth to avoid drying of mouth;
7) during breathing, you can always do more - just like stretching in yoga, you can always hold the stretch a couple seconds further than your comfort level right? So during breathing, when you feel you don't have more breath to exhale, keep exhaling, there is always more. This is how you release stagnant carbon dioxide from the depths of your inner origin (inner origin of breath is where? what expands and contracts in the process? That is correct, you should be pushing from that deep of a position - it is deep breathing, not shallow breathing.


In the beginning, the Mind will want to get caught up in the emotional and external tide of happenings, making it difficult to bring the Mind to Stillness. In the beginning, focus simply on an image, a person, a thing; any one concept; now hold that image and do not allow any other thought to brake your focus on this image. Every time your Mind wanders, flick a bead on your bracelet. At the end of your meditation session, see how many times your Mind wandered. Log the number of wanderings in a personal journal. Do this twice a day, everyday.

After you feel comfortable focusing the Mind, it is time to move beyond holding a conceptual image and into the heart of meditation: no -thought. The purpose of this type of meditation is to clear the Mind of all thoughts, allowing images, feelings, and all sorts of mental projections to enter and leave the Mind freely. Keep your string of beads and flick one every time your Mind seizes upon a thought and thinks on it (refusing to let it go). At the end of each session check the number of interruptions and log your progress in a personal journal. Do this twice a day, everyday.

Please return if I can help in a similar fashion. Good luck.

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PostMon Aug 12, 2013 6:42 am » by Temps13

Sol,I had an unexpected,uninvited visitor stay over so I apologise for not having written out the W.Martin account,which I will do after i've slept & done a few things & I think you'll find that interesting..

Devilishwork-I have two very very good books to suggest to you one is the aforementioned
"Reincarnation:the phoenix fire mystery-an east west dialogue" by Sylvia Cranston (edited by)
The other is
"How We Were Made" by William Neil..
which has the full concordance for the 666 number code..which is the real meaning in Revelations-nothing to do with supernatural devils..
One number from this is 432,000-as I said,the number of syllables in the Rig Veda,the number of valiant dead in Valhalla & so on..
This is the key to human & celestial mechanics,no less..it governs everything from how we grow ("number of the beast) to orbits of planetary bodies etc..
6x6x6=216 for those with understanding!
This is one thing I want to share with you Sol..
But I'm meaning to be clearer on the reincarnation/subtle body discourse we began..I'm a bit frazzled right now Its 6.34 am here in Cornwall,England..
But I look forward to seeing where we agree,where we dont & so on & so forth
What books i've read & what I think about it all..
This is why I come here..to talk to others on my wavelength :cheers:
P.S. i've attempted a thread or two that I consider very important stuff & evidence but that was poorly received & sometimes hijacked) but I stick with DTV as i know theres some smart guys here,amongst the cranks,self promoters & relentlessly negative.
I've made friends with some & If I have to repeat myself a few times 'til I hook up with the right people..I will do so! :bang;
But currently having probs uploading images & avatars & that.
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PostMon Aug 12, 2013 3:34 pm » by SolStone

No worries Temps, take as much time as you'd like to organize your thoughts.

Having not read the works you have recommended, from what you have described so far I can say that I'm aboard with you up to this point. From my research, Time & Space are described by the number sequences you are presenting. I agree they deal with material bodies, the motion of material bodies in relation to one another (mechanics), as well as a tool of divination (prediction) as it relates to earth/sun-related changes (tumultuous changes).

I'm very excited to hear your studies, but no need to rush, I'm sure we'll be examining this quite a bit in the thread.

(Thank you for the engaging discourse!)

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[Here is the episode from the life of a 16 yr old boy that may possibly illustrate how-in the case of one dying at an early age through sickness or "accident"-a new body can be obtained within a short time.This"inside"account was given in the Sunday Express,May26,1935.W.Martin of Liverpool is reported as saying:]
"In 1911,at the age of 16,I was staying about 12 miles away from my own home when a high wall was blown down by a sudden gust of wind as I was passing.A huge coping stone hit me on the top of the head.It then seemed as if I could see myself lying on the ground,huddled up,with one corner of the stone resting on my head & quite a number of people rushing toward me.I watched them move the stone & someone took off his coat & put it under my head,& I heard all their comments:'Fetch a doctor.'His neck is broken.' 'Skull smashed.'
One of the bystanders asked if anyone knew where I lived,&on being told I was lodging just around the corner,he instructed them to carry me there.All this time it appeared as if I were disembodied from the form lying on the ground & suspended in midair in the center of the group,& I could hear everything that was being said.
As they started to carry me it was remarked that it would come as quite a blow to my people,&I was immediately conscious of a desire to be with my mother.Instantly I was at home & mother & father were just sitting down to their midday meal.On my entrance ,mother sat bolt upright in her chair & said 'Bert,something has happened to our boy'
There followed an argument,but my mother refused to be pacified & said that if she causght the 2.00pm train she could be with me before 3.00pm.
She had hardly left the room when there came a knock at the front door.It was a porter from the railway station with a telegram saying I was badly hurt.
Then suddenly I was again transported-this time it seemed to be against my wish-to a bedroom,where a woman whom I recognised was in bed,& 2 other women were quietly bustling around,and a doctor was leaning over the bed.
Then the doctor had a baby in his hands. At once I became aware of an almost irresistible impulse to press my face through the back of the babies head so that my face would come out at the same place as the child's.
The doctor said 'It looks as though we have lost them both,' and again I felt the urge to take the baby's place to show him he was wrong,but the thought of my mother crying turned my thoughts in her direction,when straight away I was in a railway carriage with her & my father.
I was still with them when they arrived at my lodgings and were shown to the room where I had been put to bed.
Mother sat beside the bed & I longed to comfort her,& the realization came that I ought to do the same thing I had felt impelled to do in the case of the baby & climb into the body on the bed.
At last I succeeded,& the effort caused the real me to sit up in bed fully conscious.Mother made me lie down again,but I said I was all right,& remarked it was odd she knew something was wrong before the porter had brought the telegram.
Both she & Dad were amazed at my knowledge.Their astonishment was further increased when I repeated almost word for word some of the conversation they had had at home & in the train.
I said I had been close to birth as well as death,& told them that Mrs.Wilson,who lived close to us at home,had had a baby,but it was dead because I would not get into its body.
We subsequently learned that Mrs.Wilson died on the same day at 2.05pm after delivering a stillborn girl."

[David Spangler,a renowned figure in the small community movement,had a somewhat comparable experience.In the "Magic of Findhorn",Paul Hawken quotes him as saying:]

"I was having psychic experiences when I was a baby,beforeI could read.I can remember having experiences then of a dual consciousness.I was observing a very large ship sinking;lifeboats were coming away from it.I had a strong sense of having to do something.I was aware of the fear & the panic.I was nighttime & the lights of the ship were going out,boats were pulling away,& the ship went down.
I had this very strong impulse to seek help & remember clearly opening my eyes & seeing a crib,being completely disoriented,not knowing who or where I was,what I was doing in the crib or how old i was.I still thought that I was an adult,& I tried to speak,I wanted to tell the people in the room who must have been my parents that the ship had sunk,but the only thing that would came out was a squeal & squeak,& within a few moments the adult sense was gone,& I remember nothing after that.I was very small.These experiences continued throughout my childhood."
When he was 7 he had an experience that change his entire life."It was a sense of total identification with everything in the universe.David Spangler ceased to exist;an entirely different consciousness took over.In that moment I knew who I was.I had a sense of the eternality of my existence..There was no limit to my identity..."
The experience had a tremendous impact.."I didn't talk about it,but it completely altered my frame of reference.It was an experience of waking up.I couldn't translate it into my 7 year old consciousness easily.And from that point on,I have had a sense of being in 2 different dimensions simultaneously,of being in this one,& in another one.
As David grew older,he realized that "Man is the ultimate answer to all his problems;he always has benn & always will be." Man's consciousness through the ages,from the moment when he first awakened as an individual & began to compare himself with his environment,has sought to become identified with the divine processes flowing within himself so that he could be free...The present age,as it gives rise to a New Age,will be "a time when man comes home again to his spirit". A higher type of consciousness will then unfold & he will become "King of his own life]
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PostTue Aug 13, 2013 4:25 am » by SolStone

The case definitely has my interest; although I haven't looked into the case yet (need some time). Before I look, out of curiosity, do you happen to know the month/day in 1911 he says it occurred? I didn't find that in the article.

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PostTue Aug 13, 2013 4:29 am » by Temps13

Hi Sol-d'ya mean the Martin case? May 26 1935?
Ah I see yeah..No it doesn't say..but Il check any possible nots in the back of the book just in case
Uh,theres another..theory I was gonna mention that sort of supported some vague suspicions I had..concerning the moon..cases where little smll children that can barely talk mention being on the moon..
it ties in with something I read in Ingo Swann's "Penetration" & texts & the subtle body thing..& something "mrJanus said to Sir Peter Horsley,where he intimated the original race of men had long ago left their planet & also transcended the longevity problems of biological,gross matter bodies (even though they lived remarkably long lives) they had obtained..sort of ..subtle .. bodies...& Its something along the lines of..could there be a race who use fleshly bodies as temporary space suits or vehicles..but are really just the subtle body..the subtle body is there real body..& is the moon involved..(or is it more likely that the flesh n blood Anunna just mine the local planets &..well thats perhaps less way out!)
I will elucidate this better tomorrow as..d'ya know,it took me all day to get rid of that guy..& I have to move a bunch of stuff in 5 hours..so Imna get my head down now..as Im accustomed to 8 hrs sleep so look forward to talking some more then if your about
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