Ten Questions Christians Can't Answer!

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doommongerer wrote:

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HOLY shit that was funny

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How about this Religion is all part of the puzzle to divide us from ourselves the world is merely consciousness with rules. The reason the truth is held back is so that the DOGMA can set in your mind. By fearing God/Something powerful you can be reassured as your day goes by that all will be ok. I have something to tell you You and me Demobe and anyone else who reads this You are God. I can explain it like this it will also help the bible to become more clear and also why you have versions and NEVER has the world seen the Original (Food for thought? Perhaps....)
The entire universe as we know it is within us for we are it. So when you open your eyes and see your projected world your part of god working in the big symphony in the play of life in this dimension inside duality. Right and wrong good and evil etc. Judgemnet is the sole purpose here and this level of god mind and the goal is to overcome it. At the higher levels of god mind it knows who it is because it remembered. At the lower levels god is limited for a reason so so are you. If god is a creator and we are god imagine the sick and horrible things we would manifest on earth. All the horrible things we have seen in movies and read in stories all create images and if it can be thought of it can be created just like graphics on paper. The Dogma of religion keeps you in denial of the fact that you are part of the world and it would not work if you were not in it exactly where you are(you die at the right time too). Your soul however that I am presence the I am alive I am awake the I am is eternal it is made by God mind itself and you have agreed the path and Soul journey through this life in 2010 to be here and for what? You have the answers inside you meditate simply meditate and realize you are more than just human for your mind is connected to higher consciousness you just have to RE-MEMBER become a member of higher consciousness. Be open to the possibility.

Your mind must be without judgement, without memory, without thought. This is all 3D mentality just be.

Those of you that believe you hear god. Perhaps you hear your higher consciousness you hear your wisdom and knowledge you have earnt. God mind does not hold guilt so have none make yourself pure and whole again. There is no time limit but I recommend to all to awaken from the haze realize that if you are calling me crazy bs whatever? Realize this is my point no judgement realizng the only way to help the world is to all as one consciously decide to do so then by free will the minds of the powers that be will control no more.

They know this " Divide and Conquer " indeed! Divide the Mind of the ONE and conquer for it will never reach full strength if it doesnt know it can or how to.

Fear and hate and anger are low vibrations feel the tone of your own words and make a CONSCIOUS effort to change. Not with the EGO?Mind " I guess I need to...... WEAK!

Shut your eyes and be open to the possibility of what I have said. Just a story in the endless saga of god mind. One part trying to tell the rest of it to remember once it remembers its creations as itself will communicate. Well we will get to where many civilizations like the Mayans got to. They knew and still do. Thats why we are told they disappeared.

Thank you for Your time



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