Terminal Illness is Oxymoronic

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Terminal Illness is oxymoronic.

An Illness is an imbalance present in a system, generally associated with biological or systems constituting the living.

Terminal implies there is nothing to be done, the inevitable is nigh, acceptance of present condition until termination of biological systems has occurred within the organism.

There exists no imbalances that do not eventually return (ever so briefly) through the center of the system on its way to the opposing hemisphere or polarity within said system or ecosystem. I prefer ecosystem be used as biological entities are composed of many systems working within the larger community of the living organism.

Any molecules which have come in contact with one another, are entangled, and no longer function individually of one another. The purpose of this post is this:

Sometimes all it takes is an affectionate gesture or kind word to shift one's perspective, outlook, philosophy, or feelings. There is no doubt that thought will always affect one whom has been in contact with the thinker. All these things...they are the substance of reality.

Look at plants, water, animals; choose whichever living ecosystem you desire to observe and behold! All these things shift the communal psychology, which in turn shifts the entire organism.

Mentally, emotionally, physically, we spend our entire examined lives trying to rest in a balanced state; irony is, that state only arrives at death, when motion has ceased. Death then is the ultimate balance, the equalizer, the end-goal of life. 100 years, a 1000, 10,000; Time is the only currency which keeps the ride in motion. So then, in death, one has achieved long coveted balance.

Never cease loving your loved ones, and so long as all involved desire to continue, then never accept the deception of 'terminal;' there is no such thing while living, no such non-existent state of imbalance: all return to balance. So while living, send loving thoughts, affections, and words to those closest to you: most importantly, those who are ill. There is no imbalance that cannot or does not return to balance; remember entanglement! We are always connected with those we have connected to, spatial location scientifically irrelevant.

While living, accept life; whilst dead, accept death. Allow no expert to tell you otherwise.

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