Texas Inventor Makes Water Out of Thin Air

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PostThu Aug 25, 2011 6:51 pm » by Stivheys

freeyourmindnow wrote:
stivheys wrote:imagine this wired to stan mayers water powerd car u would never need to even refuel with water and it could be powered by the car

:D actually that is a very good idea :think:

but like all good (non profit) ideas it will never come to anything unless people start taking the initiative to create their own at home i would love world of open source products no bullshit people seem to think things are too hard to recreate theirselves when infact most of the technology that could change the world like free energy devices i belive are alot simpler than most of our current (no pun intended) tech and energy devices, im a firm beliver of ZPE (zero point energy) the day we finally see tech like this hit mainstream the world will be such a better place maybe not for the greedy gov but for humanity and the world itself


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