The 1982 Irish Roswell UFO incident..or just another hoax..

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PostFri Mar 25, 2011 7:19 pm » by Flecktarn

punjedi wrote:
flecktarn wrote:my brother was serving in ireland at that time with 2 para and they were asked to assist the irish army escort a load ,,this they were lead to beleive was nuclear material ,as the british army used to escort nuclear transports loads in the uk , he knows it was a c141 as on joint ops hes jumped from them ,and yes they were chanceing the landing and takeoff ,,so whatever it was must of been worth it ,,,i dont know if ireland has a foia act it would be worth investigating ,,but this also raises the question about if it was nuclear material what was it doing in ireland ,,he never bothered to find out ,,all paras worry about is birds and beer ,to him it was just another job

also worth checking local plane spotters if they are anything like the ones in the uk ,,they will know what call sign they used etc

Ahhhaaa,, Thank you, now the plot doth thicken-eth...or thomething....thorry

anyways, man that is hard to stop.

:) Good info. More to go on, yet I have to ask again, any verification of these facts? :)
short of posting my brothers service records witch will prove he was in ireland on operational duty,the only other source is going to be found in ireland or foia disclouser,,its frustrating because he went south with atleast 10 other guys all seeing the same things i hope emeraldtruth can dig up something in ireland ,,and i am the same as you looking for anwsers


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