The Afterlife Investigations – The Scole Experiments

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PostFri Aug 24, 2012 4:55 pm » by Kinninigan

This was just on coast to coast am, so yes i will watch it!

awesome timing...

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PostFri Aug 24, 2012 7:11 pm » by Kerrblur2

Kinninigan wrote:
Kerrblur2 wrote:ill be watching this once im home from work. :dancing:

welcome back kerblurr :cheers:

your avatar made a mark in dtv history, i was there for that......GOOD TIMES!


HAHA thanks i been gone for a long time. Went to tibet. great to have electricity again. lots of study of my mind and body! lol!

boy that was fun times on Dtv back then!!!!

Back to this thread. I managed to watch 60 minutes of this film before i got sleepy. but I loved what they were trying to show. The downside is the fact that british people make awful awful doctumentaries. this could have been alot better i think. Who cares if it is fake. but if it isnt fake they should have elaborated more on the video they were taught to do by the spirit team.

OOO and btw WHO the HELL are these spirits. they are amazing strong beings! lemme tell yea heres what i think this is if it were real. Think of a bar, a bar has a bartender with beer and spirits. You goto the bar to drink and feel good right?

Haha I was laughing last night thinking they had all these goofy people cooped up in this blue room doing energy practices and willingly letting this spirit team enter and use there energy. IF i were one of them spirits, id be in heaven! id do any kind of stupid trick in the book to get what was free to take in that skole room.

my point is I never release my body to any spirit. my energy is reserved for whom i wish i give it out too. what really bothers me is the video showing a possible Grey alien. I think these people were being duped. Used. and there gonna be thrown away.
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