The Agenda Revealed: How Obama Will Rule by Executive Order

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sceptilief wrote:I would have to disagree for the most part. While I do think that the Obama presidency will set the stage for rule by executive order, it won't be him who will use it to rule with an iron fist.

It would also be good for you to note that it is not Obama with the agenda. I'm sorry, but the Powers that Be didn't choose some nearly random black guy from Chicago to hold the reigns of power of the Oval Office.

However, when you consider the way the public has been played ever since Clinton, it makes logical sense to me as such: Clinton was very much a People's president as I see it. He was very popular, and made the most of his position in the White House. He very much made us believe that the American Government was working and achieving. Than comes Bush. Not overly popular, but he held a countering conservatism that seemed to be the answer to Clinton's liberal sexual escapades, which struck a deep moral chord in the old roots of America. However, Bush was never meant to be liked by the people from day two (even though less than half liked him from day one). In fact, I would say that the old power structure wanted the people to hate him, and they did, to pave the way for Obama.

With freedoms eroding, an expensive and questionable war ongoing, and the cracks in the "economy" becoming gaping holes, no one would question the down home black guy with an amazing smile and a soothing voice of confidence for change. To many (enough to get elected), he fit the bill to be a true hero for America. But again, the PTB knew he would be absolutely unable to change anything, and that this would shake the foundations of your faith in what your vote was worth and would only further confuse you to make rash decisions on your presidential ballots.

And of course, Obama was a very nice distraction from the real workings of "limited" government. Even with many questioning his agenda, it seemed that people still had faith in him to change things for the better. So with his amazing speaking voice combined with his down home roots, people were pacified from their rage during Bush's reign, and gave his administration the chance. The feeling I get from the regular public (not so much on here though), is that he is too nice of a guy to use his executive order abilities to abuse their power of authority, and would allow a precedent to be set for the overt use of these democracy killers.

I would also have to say that it works on the other front as well, through us conspiracy theorists. Because when Obama doesn't turn out to the Anti-Christ many of us had him pegged as, much credibility will be lost in our assurance that absolute rule is being prepared for America.

Now, we're strategically loosing faith in the regular nice guy hero to make the changes needed, setting the stage for the next tyrannical leader. He is the ultimate conditioning tool to not only put in place their chosen tyrannical leader, but to make you ask for it. And because there have been no real incidences because of increased use of Executive Orders, they will seem commonplace enough for the president to use to "get things done", including the one that will remove all authority of democracy.


Again, that's how I see it playing out. It's kind of a spotty explanation, and I wish I could articulate exactly how I see it in my head from studying this shit day in and day out, but it's so facking big with so many tentacles, it's hard to do. Essentially I'm saying that each stage of presidency is merely conditioning the American people to instill the police state and absolute rule through your democratic decision (an ultimate and sad irony).

I could be completely wrong, but I'd be willing to bet that Obama isn't your biggest worry. It'll be the guy elected after him, who, to the regular people, best fits the bill of what is needed in the White House after this long and staged manipulation of failed leaders. But this guy won't be a patsy. He'll be one of them. He'll know the agenda. And he'll act on their behalf.

If the next Pres is a Reprublicrat then s/he most surely will be continuing the same old game. Ron Paul would be the only exception.
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